Hot Instagram models can be a dime a dozen, but, every once in awhile, we come across a girl who’s so hot, so tantalizing that we just can’t stop staring (and drooling). One of those girls in the past couple of days has been Frankie Kennedy — and after seeing some of her totally hot Instagram pics, you’ll understand why.

Standing 5’7″ and boasting a 32D bust, Frankie Kennedy checks off just about every box when it comes to the whole bombshell survey. And, because we don’t want to sit here and bore you about how perfect the girl is, we’ll just go ahead and let you stare for as long as you’d like to at her hot Instagram pics — which are sure to waste a good portion of your day.

Sunday funday with @paulvenomous

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Rise n’ Glow

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You know I only like that hardwood 😂

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I live in the jungle

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Hey, what did we tell you about drooling and staring at Frankie for way too long? Over/Under 20 minutes of it? Chances are high that you may have spent even more time than that — which we’re in full support of, given her hot Instagram posts.

Anyway, because there’s more to Frankie than just her looks, we did some digging on what type of girl she really is. After searching around the Internet, we came across an interview the model did with, talking to the website about a variety of different things — including what she looks for in a guy.

What’s your definition of sexy?
Sexy is a feeling not necessarily a look. Don’t get me wrong when I look good I feel good, but sexy to me is confidence, strength, and to be able to do it with a smile and in high heels.

What makes a good flirt?
Witty banter back and forth, eye contact, and always smiles

What kind of qualities do you look for in a man?
Great smile, kind eyes, humor and a great set of arms

What is the Sexiest body part on a man?
Arms that can carry me away for days…

Yep, we just fell into a deeper love with Frankie Kennedy, so we’ll arm wrestle you for dibs!

Check out more hot Instagram pics and vids of Frankie Kennedy by heading over to her account. Trust us, you’ll join the masses of followers she’s about to get after seeing her here.