The female orgasm has long been one of the biggest mysteries for guys, with men struggling to find the best technique to get a girl off, how to tell if she’s about to orgasm and, of course, if she’s just faking it to make him feel better about himself. It’s that last part we’re here to talk about today, because girls fake it a lot, and it’s time for guys to know when she is.

Since getting her to achieve an orgasm is the ultimate goal for every guy — there’s just something about it that makes a man feel, you know, manly — it’s sort of the barometer when it comes to good sex. That said, not every girl will orgasm during sex, so remember that, because, if she doesn’t, no man should feel down.

Anyway, now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are the tell-tale signs that she’s probably faking an orgasm, so be wary of these, gents.

You forgot the foreplay

Foreplay is such a crucial part of sex, yet, somehow, men forget to do it all the time. Guys, what in the actual hell are you thinking?

First off, foreplay is fun because it lets you get her hormones running and turned out. Second, while doing that, you get to do fun things like kiss her, tease her, finger her, give her oral sex and play with her boobs — which are all good things. And, third, foreplay will help her orgasm once you do finally penetrate her.

To all the guys who think a girl had an orgasm without any foreplay, nope, she probably didn’t have one.

She’s not shaking

This is weird to say, but when a girl actually, 100 percent experiences an orgasm, there’s a good chance that her legs will shake and she’ll have some sort of muscle contractions. That’s not to say every single girl will have that happen, but, because of the muscles involved when a real orgasm occurs, it will happen more frequently.

If, for some reason, this doesn’t happen, then it probably means she’s pulling the old acting job on you, making you think you’re getting her off.

You just kept going and going and trying and trying

If she said she had an orgasm and continues to keep going or trying, then she’s probably BSing. Just like guys, after a girl has an orgasm, she needs a little bit of a break before she’s physically and mentally capable to go back at it. It’s like that moment when you’re done, guys, and your penis needs a little break.

For those girls who say they’re ready just a minute or so after claiming to orgasm, then she probably didn’t actually orgasm.

She changes things up in the bedroom

If you’re, allegedly, giving her an orgasm every single time you’re having sex a certain way, then why in the hell would she want to change things up, right? Well, maybe because you weren’t actually getting her off, ever think of that?

When your girl says that she loves when you have sex doggystyle because it gives her an orgasm all the time, yet insists on riding you or doing some other sort of sex position, then there’s a good probability that she’s not really getting an orgasm from doing doggy.

You keep asking if she had an orgasm

Want to know what’s unsexy? Asking a girl over and over and over again if she had an orgasm. Trust yourself and abilities, guys, and know what you’re doing in the bedroom.

Look, not every single girl is going to get off — especially every single time you two have sex — so it’s important to stick to your guns and communicate with her to see what she likes. Once you know that, the sexual chemistry and energy will be part of your emotions and an orgasm will, more than likely, occur. But, when you ask her if she’s getting off all the time, she’s not going to be in the right mindset to, you know, actually get off.