Zodiac signs are things that many people like to follow in order to live their lives, but they, in my personal opinion, should not be the only decision-maker. Of course, I’m not someone who pays close attention to my zodiac sign, so maybe I’m just being naive.

Still, as someone who has seen a girl end a relationship with a buddy because their zodiac signs weren’t compatible, it’s a little hard for me to wrap my head around. I mean, if everything else is a match, why break things off due to something that may or may not be true? It just seems, well, kind of silly.

That said, a lot of girls put serious emphasis on which zodiac signs are compatible and which ones aren’t. We take a look at why so many do it, and how to handle a girl who doesn’t think the relationship has staying power when your two signs aren’t a good match.

Girls are hopeless romantics

At the end of the day, everyone wants a fairytale ending when it comes to love. We want to randomly pass by someone on the street, be so overwhelmed with them that we introduce ourselves, hit it off, exchange numbers, date and fall happily in love. That works at times, but only if two people allow it to. What zodiac signs do is sort of even the playing field, where girls are less enthralled with that same scenario if her sign doesn’t match with his sign.

Zodiac signs give them a good excuse to end things

Like the aforementioned buddy of mine, some girls may just not be feeling the relationship any longer and want an out without hurting the other person’s feelings. That’s not always the case, but it does happen. When it does, some girls may use incompatible zodiac signs as being the main culprit. Fair or not, some girls just want to make themselves believe in this.

Zodiac signs give girls some sort of control

We all know that girls love to be in control of most things. Hey, so do guys, so that’s not a knock on just females. That said, zodiac signs help give women a certain sense of power, setting their beliefs on something that’s, in their mind, already predetermined. That may seem silly, but it also helps girls form thoughts about relationships if they’ve been following advice from their zodiac sign for a long time.

Girls want as much information as possible

Apparently, people like to dig as deep as humanly possible to get information on a potential partner. I know, it’s shocking, right? Kidding aside, we’ve all done Googling or social media stalking before, and, when it comes to zodiac signs, girls often look for traits most familiar with their new man’s sign. Are they OCD? Are they timid? Are they quick to lash out? Rather than talk about things, girls tend to rely on zodiac signs more as common denominators and less as individuals being themselves. But that’s just my opinion.