Desiree Vanessa might not be a name that you know about quite yet, but it’d be wise to make a note about who she is, because we have a feeling she’s about to really blow up the Internet. Hey, we may not be perfect at predicting things, but this one feels like a can’t miss.

Here are a couple reasons why Desiree Vanessa has all the goods to see her career completely takeoff. First, she’s got the body of a legend, complete with curves in all the right places. Second, guys, just look at those eyes and tell us if you don’t feel a bit intimidated trying to stare right into them. Third, in addition to her super hot Instagram pics — which boasts over 38,000 followers — Desiree also has a successful YouTube channel that gives fans even more sexy stuff.

But, since we can only talk about a sexy girl so much, we’re just going to give you some prime examples of Desiree Vanessa being hot on Instagram. So we plucked some of our favorite pics from her account to share with you, so scroll down to have a look.

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I live the life I deserve

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What’s absolutely crazy about Desiree Vanessa is how perfect her body is. Seriously, how does a petite girl like herself have such an innocent, yet sexy, face, and a body like an absolute hour-glass? It’s almost unfair to all of those other girls out there who claim to have such hot Instagram pics, because Desiree’s account actually will blow your mind a bit. That’s how good she is.

If you’re feeling all the funny things that we are after seeing all those hot Instagram pics of Desiree Vanessa, we’re just going to tell you that it’s normal. After all, the girl is a perfect blend of suspicious meets sexy. And, because you deserve to see as much as you can of the brunette, we highly suggest giving her Instagram account a follow, which can only lead to good things for your days moving forward.