I love all thins food, and cooking is no exception! The problem with cooking is that it can be seen as a chore to come up with interesting things everyday. I have a friend in Boston who at the start of the weeks makes a big pot of pasta and then eats it for the rest of the week, rinse and repeat. I thought that I would share some super easy and simple recipes I’ve made up for cooking yummy meals when you’re too tired to do elaborate dances in the kitchen… Introducing Harriet’s Egg Bake

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The point of this recipe is easy and quick. Ingredients wise, it works really really well with left overs.

Things you WILL need.

  • Eggs  – two per person
  • Creme Fraiche – A tub ish.
  • Carbs – this can be rice, pasta or potato. I like using left over chips or mash, or left over rice the most
  • Protein – Cooked bacon, ham, left over meats cut into small chunks
  • Veg – Salad, spinach works well, and left over veg also cut into small chunks
  • Toppings – grated cheese and breadcrumbs are really good!
  • You will need a baking dish or a bowl that you can put in the oven. You will also need an oven.
  1. Pre-heat the oven to 120* c
  2. At the bottom of your bowl, put a good layer of the carbs you’re using. Put in the amount you think you’ll need to be full. It should be an even bottom layer.
  3. Next layer your meat and veg. You can do a layer or meat, layer of veg or have it all hodge-podge like. It doesn’t really matter, also you can put pretty much anything in it. As much as you’d like to eat.
  4. Crack your eggs for the next layer, normally I make enough for two helpings so I use 4 eggs.
  5. Scoop on top the creme fraiche. The amount again is dependent on how much you want. At the very least though it should cover all of the eggs. I like to put a lot on because otherwise i find the dish too dry.
  6. Sprinkle the grated cheese and breadcrumbs on top!
  7. Put in oven. The time depends on how much creme fraiche you put on. All you’re doing however is cooking the eggs since everything else is left-overs and already cooked. Time again depends on how big the eggs are. I normally check after about 15 minutes.

And that’s it! It’s super easy, a great way to use left overs and it can be decently healthy depending on what you’re putting in as the filling. Alternative fillings would be left-over curry from a take out or maybe chinese food. Sometimes my base layer is stacked left over pizza. Some people might think this is disgusting but it’s actually really nice and much more fun than just re-heating! The best part of this recipe is you really can experiment and make it your own!

If you try it out, please send me pictures on twitter!!