We know that everyone loves a good takeaway. There are loads of fantastic healthier options available for you to salivate over. 

Take aways are one of the unhealthiest ways to eat. That doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy whilst having a takeaway however. Or at least, a little bit healthier in your choice.

For instance you can always opt for seafood as your protein choice. You’ll find loads of steamed fish dishes in asian cuisines for instance. Just simple changes in your protein choice can make a big difference.

So let’s have a look at the different options we can take to make our take away a little bit healthier.


Pizza rules! We all know that one, and it’s technically considered a superfood. Still, loading up a mega deep base with meaty toppings and stuffed crusts is a sure-fire way to rack up the calories.

Historically, the Italians would serve up a pizza as a way of feeding relatives with a filling, budget-friendly meal. Very sensible. Traditional Italian style pizza uses a thin crusty base with a few veggie toppings. Things like olives and peppers, and use olive oil instead of butter. Top it off with good buffalo mozzarella and a side salad and you have a perfect healthy meal.

Another great thing about pizza is that it’s really easy to make at home. It takes a bit of time as you need to let the dough rise, but it’s really worth it. Why not look up some recipes and try it yourself? You can substitute white flour with wholemeal too.


Japanese food is a brilliant choice for this list, and so healthy it’s hard to go wrong here. Consider picking sashimi over sushi, as it cuts out the carbs from the rice. Teriyaki is also a favourite, but has a lot of sugar. Pick chicken or salmon teriyaki if you do want it though, as chicken and fish are better options than beef or pork. Tempura is lovely, but remember that it’s deep fried. When going for sides, steamed greens like edamame are much healthier for you, and also favoured by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham.

When it comes to Chinese food, it can be a bit of a minefield. Chinese food is full of calories. But there are healthy options. Consider a chop suey which normally contains more veggies than your average sweet and sour chicken. Go for plain rice over egg fried rice, and avoid fried noodles too. Finally, you should definitely quite the prawn crackers. There’s around 45 calories in only 3 crackers!


Of everything on this list we definitely love burgers. Don’t worry, they don’t have to be off the menu for you. With a few quick notes, it’s possible to make even burgers healthy.

First, you can pick a wholemeal bun, or go bunless entirely. Add as many extra veg in as you can to make things healthier, avocado for instance is a good substitute for mayonnaise. Instead of fries as a side, go for sweet potatoes which have less calories, or a side salad.

It’s worth noting that a chicken fillet burger is also a healthy alternative, but check that it’s fresh and grilled. Or you could pick a veggie burger, as these almost always have beans and veggies included that can be a great boost to your health.

Do you have any take-away hacks for a healthier meal? Share them with us in the comments or on social media!