Welcome to another episode of Harriet Sugarcookie’s Cute Food, the show that shows you how to make amazingly easy lunchboxes that will impress the pants off your favourite geeks. This week we make a super simple sandwich and decorate it with iconic octopus sausages.

I’m actually slightly embarrassed that I filmed this video. It’s a very easy recipe. Literally anyone can make it in less than a minute. I mean, who doesn’t love a ham and cheese sandwich?

But as this is Cute Food, I added a twist. I made the sandwiches look like The Triforce from Zelda and I made the sausages look like octopi. I think that just about qualifies as cooking. So here are the ingredients and recipe for this fun bento box.


  • Any ham
  • Any square square bread
  • Any cheese
  • Butter
  • Plus other flavours according to your taste. Pimp your ham and cheese sandwich as you see fit!
  • Hot dog sausages

Cooking instructions

  • Butter your bread.
  • Put your cheese and ham in your sandwich, plus any other flavours then slice into triangles that you can arrange into your Zelda Triforce.
  • Use a cutter or knife to make your sausage look like an octopus.
  • Make eyes out of any spare ham.
  • Fry your octopus sausage for a couple minutes to help keep the legs in place. Drain off the excess oil and attach your eyes then add to the lunchbox.
  • Cry because your food is too cute to eat!