Erectile dysfunction (ED) is often looked at as one of the worst things that a man can experience; and for good reason. After all, what guy wants to see his penis go through a decline? Unfortunately, according to research from the Huffington Post, the Cleveland Clinic believes that as many as 52 percent of men experience erectile dysfunction, with about 40 percent of that group at least aged 40, and an alarming 70 percent in that group aged 70 or older.

With all that info above, one thing seems to be clear, guys; you’re going to experience erectile dysfunction at some point in your life. However, similar to baldness — which has genetic factors in addition to others — there are ways to protect yourself from erectile dysfunction, and here are a few of them to know.

Kegel exercises

You’ve probably heard about kegel exercises to help eliminate premature ejaculation to last longer during sex, but they can also help with the overall health of your penis, too. Kegel exercises are meant to strengthen the muscles in and around your penis, so doing these contraction-like moves will help with ED, too.

Monitor testosterone levels

There are plenty of contributing factors to ED — with heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol among the most prominent — but low levels of testosterone also happens to be one. Guys, if, by the time you’re 40 years old, your testosterone levels are falling, on average, by 1.3 percent each year, you’re going to want to talk with a physician and see his/her advice to give it a boost.

Regularly eat healthy and exercise

To be blunt: happy heart = happy penis. As mentioned above, heart disease and diabetes are main factors in developing erectile dysfunction, so eating healthy foods like vegetables and fruits will serve you (and your manhood) well. Along with that balanced diet, getting your heart rate up and working out will increase blood flow throughout your body, too, and this includes your penis.

Protect your manhood

The most obvious way to protect your penis is by wearing a condom during sex, that’s a given. But, while condoms will keep your and your penis healthy, make sure you eliminate anything that could cause some unnecessary trauma to it, as these will only increase your chances of developing ED down the road. That includes any nut punches from friends or wild dogs jumping up and hitting you below the belt.

Limit your cholesterol and watch your blood pressure

Stressing out about things is never good for your health, you know that. It can lead to thinner hair, decrease life span and cause heart disease, among other things. For any of you guys out there who might stress about the smallest things, make sure to try and get your emotions in check, because men with higher blood pressure and poor cholesterol are at a higher risk for developing erectile dysfunction.

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