I’ve always been a sucker for trashy romance stories; their predictable plot lines, their 2-D characters, the raunchy sex scenes and of course the happily ever afters. Power Games by Victoria Fox is one of those trashy romances stories that managed to make it into a 540 page book. I read it all, I loved every moment, and then I felt dirty and ashamed afterwards. Perfect!


I expect that most of you guys won’t be going out of your way to read this book, so I’m just going to give you all the dirty secrets of this terrible, wonderfully, horribly, addictive book. And if you like it, we’ll do more of them.

The story follows seven celebrities including a supermodel, a playboy, a pop prince, a journalist, a senator,a heiress and for some reason – a woman that price tags jewellery and paintings….? A couple of the characters are obviously modelled on real people (the supermodel for instance is called Tawny, blonde and has big eyebrows. She’s the current IT girl of fashion. The pop prince who’s only 19 and acts like a spoiled brat but has a ton of die hard teenage fans)

All seven have done some wrong to a boy who committed suicide years ago. His father who is disabled somehow found out about them, set up a huge plan to get them onto a plane and sink them. It sort of goes to plan, except of instead of crashing into the sea, the plane crashes into a seemingly deserted island. The seven all somehow manage to survive and start their fight for survival, although the island changes them all.

“Not a bad plot” I bet you’re thinking! Alright, let’s throw in some wild cards.

  • The journalist is pregnant and the father is the brother of the Heiress (only she hasn’t told anyone)
  • The pop prince had been fed female hormones by his record company so he doesn’t lose his boyish charm, and on the island due to lack of hormone pills, he hits puberty like a home run, turning into a beast of a man (he single handedly kills a shark at one point)
  • The heiress’s secret lover, a A-list movie star decides to try and find her against all cost, going on a crazy one man mission.
  • The senator thinks everything was conspired by aliens. No joke. He hides in a cave for a while.

“So where’s the sex?!” I hear you cry! Ok well there’s a lot of sex. Mostly in the start of the book where all the back story is. The opening line to the story is “Angela Silvers was being fucked from here to infinity.” 

Or you should try this one next time you’re with a girl!

*After having sex in the back of the limo*

“OMG you blew my mind!” – Girl

“Your turn. Want to blow my cock?” – Playboy

But there seriously is a lot of sex involved in this story. Mostly in the first half, and then the author forgets about it for a while as she talks about survival on the island (which by the way, seems ridiculously easy, Bear Grills would not be impressed!) and then we have a bit of it at one point where the playboy and the Jewellery lady get together.

Finally we need happy endings. So what happens? The supermodel gets her breasts eaten by a crocodile and then dies. The pop prince turns really weird and goes off with a tribe to be their king by performing his boy band dance moves (no one is able to find them though, and he becomes a mythical legend in the real world too). The heiress’s actor lover gets lost at sea, is picked up by Russians (that’s right, Russians) who for some reason have a GPS tracking device on the playboy. They all get rescued by Russians. The Heiress then marries the actor. The journalist gets together with her baby father. The senator stops believing in aliens, quits politics and apologises to his wife (who has been having an affair with their neighbour but he forgives her.) and they open a ranch up and look after horses. The playboy and the jewellery lady get together. Have I missed anyone out?

If you’re into really trashy drama and graphic sex scenes and unbelievable (as in, this is so unrealistic) survival stories. You should go out and buy Power Games asap. Sorry for the spoilers. If not, I hope you enjoyed this synopsis!