If you’re a fan of DC, comics, Batman or in anyway inclined to be part of the comic world then you’ve probably heard the big announcement. Batgirl has had a whole redesign, starting with issue #35, after the shock of Gail Simone leaving!  The new creative team feature  Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and newcomer artist Babs Tarr have created quite a stir, moving the direction of the Bat-verse with the new design concept as well as promising plot. That is to say, the internet can’t stop talking about them!


The new Batgirl is still Barbara Gordon, but no longer wheelchair bound. Instead she appears to be a young girl out ready to tackle bad guys! A large emphasis has been placed on the non-sexualisation of her costume (although there will always be people that claim it’s still sexual). Instead of the heels that female super heroes wear, we instead see yellow combat boots. Although close, the replacement of a leather jacket instead of spandex means her costume is more realistic and not just a second layer of skin. Overall her costume has gone down as a huge hit! Here’s some interesting comments I’ve found from around the internet on it!

” It is a real awesome costume and fits the home made look her costume should have seeing as Barb’s first costume was something she made in her room, and wasn’t paid for by Bruce.

Plus it doesn’t have boob socks. That’s always an improvement.” – Liz_the_robot (reddit)

Designed by Tarr and writer Cameron Stewart, the outfit is sensible, stylish, and just all around perfect. It also happens to be eminently cosplayable.” – Lauren Davis  (io9)

I hope DC takes note of the reactions here. Sad Batman and Rainy Day Superman are instantly met with snarky photoshops. Fun, happy, non-sexually-exploitatively-dressed Batgirl with art by Babs Tarr is met with a colossal amount of genuinely excited fanart. And we all know the cosplay is already well on it’s way.” – Harrison Grey (io9)

But what about the plot? With a new creative team, as well as Cameron Stewart’s biggest project with DC (more known for his art than his writing) what can we expect from the Stewart/ Fletcher combo? Especially since they’re taking over from the legendary Gail Simone who has a huge fanbase (I remember queuing up for nearly two hours to see her once at a small comic store signing!)

The new batgirl will be a lot less dark that what we’ve had so far (being paralysed by the joker, having your brother be a murderer ect ect) and instead see Batgirl enjoy youth culture in the trendy hipster part of Gotham (I didn’t know that existed either) Fletcher describes it as:

Our take on Batgirl mixes the best elements of “Veronica Mars” and “Girls,” with a dash of “Sherlock” thrown in for good measure…. Be prepared to see a Batgirl you’ve never seen before. It’s time that Babs be allowed a little fun in her life! We intend to let her have all the fun she wants.

We’ll have to wait until October for the first issue of the reboot to be released, but not 48 hours since the announcement the internet has blown up with crazy levels of fan art. I’ve never seen anything like it, and I think DC are shocked as well. I’m expecting Batgirl to be the new “Most Cosplayed” character ever.

Link to the MTV exclusive interview here.