In sex in the news I like to look at the sex stories the mainstream media squeeze into their publications in a desperate attempt to attract traffic on google search and social media. In this week’s post I look at Alix Lynx’s interview where she reveals she had a corporate job which she gave up to become a (Shock! Horror!) pornstar, the latest Star Wars porn parody, “The Great British Sex Survey” results and much more.

The internet went into meltdown this week when girly magazine Cosmopolitan interviewed pornstar Alix Lynx. Credit to Cosmopolitan, they’ve always been sex-positive and always write about sex as if it’s a normal healthy thing and nothing any girl should be ashamed of. The reason it’s in sex in the news if for the way every newspaper on the planet picked up on the story.

The interview went viral because in the interview Alix Lynx revealed that she used to have a corporate job in communications and even has an MBA.

It’s funny this is even a story. Anyone that’s met or seen interviews with pornstars will see that they’re just normal girls from all sorts of backgrounds. Many are educated, others creative and some are incredibly funny. They’re just as diverse as regular people.

That this is such a big story – so much so that Alix Lynx was trending on twitter – says a lot about how the mainstream media view female sexuality as well as how they view female intelligence. Intelligence and sexiness are not mutually exclusive. Ah well, it gets them lots of clicks and Alix comes across well. That can only be good.

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Russian teenager wins a “month with porn actress” in a hotel room

Teenager wins the chance to stay in a hotel for a month with pornstar Ekaterina MakarovaFrom Russian with sordid love as a Russian teenager wins the chance to live in a hotel room for a whole month with pornstar, Ekaterina Makarova. This story seems totally bizarre. Even the Russian news sites struggle to make sense of it and it seems like an obvious case of staged publicity for a website selling virtual weapons for online games.

That didn’t stop every news outlet in the world picking it up as fact to keep that web traffic flowing, even though the winner is a professional actor with 16 credits on IMDB alone.

Apparently the teenager won for being the 100 000th visitor to their website. His mum, Vera, is “strongly against this”.

Full story here

The Great British Sex Survey

Even UK state broadcaster, Channel 4, is sexing up it’s programming for February with The Great British Sex Survey. They commissioned YouGov – a serious UK political polling firm – to find out the nations most popular fetishes.

The publicity this show has received is incredible for what is basically a top x list show and at best an excuse to giggle at words like watersports and at worst laugh at other people’s sex lives. Fingers crossed they produce something informative and useful rather than titillating.

Full story here

Punish that German slut!

My favourite story this week is the kinky fail by the Mayor of Quickborn, a small town in Germany, who too a screenshot of a wikipedia page and posted it without realising he’d left lots of tabs open in his browser showing everyone what porn he’d been searching for.

Mayor Thomas Köppl of Quickborn caught watching porn at work

The red-faced Mayor admitted to making searches for BDSM porno videos, German slut punished and punishment porn videos. But claimed he didn’t watch any videos “because the internet connection was too slow.”

Rather than fess up Mayor Koppl said he only visited the sites after overhearing a conversation about the websites while on vacation.”They were mentioning the site ‘Xhamster’, and when I got to my room I wanted to get clued-up,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

Full story here

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