The Kardashian clan have been making headlines with their latex outfits this year. Some of it so daring people wondered if it was part of a kinky sex game. I want to explain what gives latex it’s kinky appeal.

You have probably seen Kim Kardashian and her sisters all over the news in their latex outfits. The uber-famous Kim K. has often worn creations by Atsuko Kudo, a couture latex designer. The gowns are perfect for emphasising her internet-breaking curves and quite frankly she does look great in latex. Or maybe I am just biased because I, personally, have a huge latex fetish.

Recently Kim’s younger half-sister has made the internet rounds. Kendall Jenner wore a very low cut, short latex dress, complete with stay-up fishnet stockings on Halloween and has made all of Daily Mail ask themselves: was it just a costume or some weird kinky sex-play?

Well, lets break it down. In order for latex to be kinky, it would have to be the object of a fetish. That means that someone would have to become sexually aroused by the wearing or seeing or manipulating of the latex.

That means that the Kardashian sisters would have to be turned on either by wearing latex or by having someone touch the latex, take the clothing off or shine it.

Yes, latex is not shiny all the time, there has to be someone with a cloth and sexy shiner rubbing that thing all over your body… so sexy! Or maybe one of their partners has to be aroused by seeing their Kardashian bae parading her black shiny ass all over the place.

Sadly, the only person who could answer this dilemma of kinky or not is one of the Kardashian’s themselves or one of their partners. It might not be anything sexual at all, but a fashion statement.

The fact that you wear clothes that look good on you, does not make you a fetishist, it makes you aware of your appearance. But most likely, the only kinksters in this Kardashian wearing-story are us, the public.

Because I, for one, found Kendall extremely sexy in her shiny, short latex dress and would have definitely volunteered to shine it for her, if she consented to it.  And if you too are getting horny while looking at a beautiful young woman in shiny clothes, you might just be a fetishist for latex yourself.

But the most important question of all is why would we even care? If wearing the latex is a sexy kinky game between partners of the Kardashian/Jenner clan and their other halves, we are not going to find out about it unless they decide to disclose the information.

If they are doing that in public, I can see no harm. It is just a person wearing some revealing sexy clothing. Latex does not have some magical BDSM fibres weaved inside it. It is just a material like any other one and only becomes highly sexual when we, the watchers, attribute that kinkiness to it.

So at the end of the day, instead of wondering fruitlessly whether Kendall was kinky or not on Halloween – or kinky all the time – I propose we sit back and just enjoy the glorious view.