Relationships more often that not break down over a slow period of time. Maybe there are a few big fights that bring things to an end, but it’s the little mistakes that have accumulated over time that you should be worried about. Here are 5 easy mistakes that could ruin your relationship you should watch out for.

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  1. You stop caring about your appearance as much – When you first start dating someone, or your  in the wooing stage, you put effort into everything about your looks. You fret over your choice of clothing, your hairstyle and your cologne/perfume. When you are in a stable relationship, that pressure disappears and it’s easy to get to a place where you end up never putting in effort. I’m not talking about times when you go out with mates or special occasions, you’ve got to sometimes put in the effort to show your partner you want to be the best you for them.
  2. You stop holding hands – Holding hands to me seem likes the most natural thing in the world to do. It makes me feel comfortable and loved. It’s so easy, and you can pretty much do it anywhere. Still, it’s something couples in long term relationships stop doing. It just doesn’t pop into your head to do it. But casual physical touch adds intimacy and affection into a relationship, so you don’t want to lose that.
  3. You stop complimenting them as much – When you start having fights and your relationship feels like it’s starting to break down, you might notice that you both pick out faults with the other person more. This leads to aggression and negativity, but can you remember the last time you complimented them on something? It’s always good to be positive towards your partner, and they’ll in turn be more positive towards you. This will lead to both of you feeling more appreciated.
  4. You start being less careful about gross things – There are somethings that should always remain a mystery. Such as what your partner looks like whilst pooping. I like leaving the door open when I go to the bathroom because deep down I still have a fear of monsters, especially the toilet monster that comes out when I flush the toilet. However don’t leave the door open if your partner is around, because no matter how comfortable with each other you are. A little mystery is always good, and do you really want them to have the image of you pooping ingrained in the head? Same goes for things like farting and nose picking. Maybe you think it’s ok, and for some couples it is, but it’s always nice to try and be considerate of your partner.
  5. You go to bed on an argument – I once heard from an elderly, very happy couple that their simple rule was that they would never go to bed angry at each other. When you get into a fight with your significant other it can be easy to go to sleep on it, and hope you’ll feel better in the morning. However going to bed angry at each other is a terrible way to end the day, and could also lead to a horrible start in the morning. Instead you should try your best to talk to each other and work something out before going to bed happy and hugging.