Halloween is one of the best holidays. Girls dress up as sexy everything, guys get to not shave their facial hair and you can get free chocolate. What more could anyone want? When it comes to Halloween, costumes are everything. Each year celebrities try to outdo each other, but which celebrity halloween costume was the sexiest? You decide.


Is it just me or did everyone dress up as Harley Quinn this year? I know Suicide Squad came out, but I don’t see tons of Wonder Women after Batman vs Superman.

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Can I be XTINA forever 😩😩

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Kylie Jenner gets a lot of media attention, however I think she deserves it with this costume. Simple, sexy and we instantly knew who she was.


Emily Rataikowski has amazing breasts, it’s her best feature in my opinion. So I’m not a big fan of a costume that hardly shows them off. Which is ridiculous because Cleopatra should totally have some cleavage.


Princess Jasmin was hot. I only wish Jasmine Tookes had gone for her evil red outfit version which was 100x sexier.

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Don't call me baby 📸@j_mcd

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Family group halloween look? Yes please! Not only do they look awesome, they also make me a little jealous. I don’t think I could get my family to co-ordinate their costumes so well!

I love love love Beyonce’s choice this year. It’s different and she pulls it off perfectly. I also think it’s great that she had Jay-Z did it for their daughter! A class parenting right there.

Heidi Klum

When we’re talking about celebrities and Halloween, Heidi Klum needs her own section. It’s no secret that Heidi puts the most effort into halloween, as well as the most money. Her party and outfits are legendary and rumours are she can spend up to 20 hours getting her makeup done up for it. This year she spend $10m to get models to look exactly like her clones.