Both men and women are guilty of cheating. Trends have shown that the reasons that lead them to cheat can be quite different between the sexes. This article will be focusing on why do girls cheat?

Cheating is a very emotional topic. There are many reasons why someone can choose to cheat on someone. Between men and women, there is a lot of overlap in the reason. Sometimes people feel neglected either physically or emotionally. Sometimes it comes from boredom, or from sex simply being available. There are subtle differences between why men and women cheat though.

Why do girls cheat?

The number one reason women give for choosing to cheat on their spouse is that they feel neglected. This could mean being neglected physically, ie having unsatisfying sex. It can also mean neglected emotionally, and they don’t feel they are getting the attention or affection they deserve.

When it comes to cheating, a lot of people feel that they are driven to that point. If you have been the other party in these cases, it can be hard to understand this point of view. They cheated on you. They’re in the wrong. But most people don’t cheat simply to be spiteful or cruel.

That being said, a lot of women admit to cheating as a form of revenge. This is one of the ways men and women really differ. Many female cheaters feel that if their partner cheats on them first then they’re justified in also cheating. It’s such a common reason that it crops up in quite a few novels as a plot point, such as Paris Mon Amour.

On the other end of the spectrum, many women cheat when they improve themselves. Sudden weight loss or plastic surgery can lead to a boost in self-esteem and confidence. Women who gain financial independence can also end up feeling braver and more adventurous.

Feeling Neglect

The feeling of being physically or emotionally neglected is one of the biggest reasons people search for intimacy with other people.

This feeling of being under appreciated, neglected or undesired often builds up over a long period of time. Partners that cheat for this reason often feel that there is no chance of getting the feelings they crave of their partners anymore.

Many housewives are prone to feeling emotionally neglected, especially if their husbands have time-consuming jobs that leave them coming home tired every day and unable to drum up the energy to show their wives constant attention.

Sometimes just giving verbal affection consistently is enough to make your partner feel more appreciated. It’s not about having a romance and giving them attention all the time, but to let them know that you do think about them and that you do appreciate them.

Physical neglect can be harder to work on. It can be hard for women to admit they are sexually unsatisfied, many lying about reaching climax during intercourse. Being open and honest in your relationship will help with this. Couples can work together to try and find alternative methods for satisfying the woman, such as sex toys.