Better daily habits are just a few ways to be more successful, we all know that. From waking up at the same time each morning to eating healthy and taking care of yourself (both mentally and physically), there are some things that are more important when it comes to being happy.

Success is a very obsolete thing, with it being defined differently for pretty much everyone. Some people think it means lots of money, others relate it to fame, while some people think success is just being able to find a good work-life balance and make enough money to enjoy hobbies. No matter how you measure success, we’re giving you some better daily habits that will help you achieve it without feeling too overwhelmed by the grind that 24 hours can bring.

Don’t sound the alarm

No one on planet earth has ever bragged about how amazing a blaring alarm is to get up to each morning, and, guess what, some of the world’s most successful people don’t even need them to get out of bed each day. Yep, it’s possible, but it requires some routine of getting to sleep each night around the same time and, typically, having a task to do each morning — like taking the dogs out or brewing coffee.

Wake up early

Related to the previous point, one of the better daily habits for a more successful day is waking up early. OK, it sucks to think about rolling out of bed before the sun is even up, but, people like Amazon CEO and the world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos, among others, routinely wake up around 5 a.m or so. That may sound super early to a lot of us, but it actually helps the day go much smoother. Imagine looking at the clock and seeing that it’s only 9:30 a.m. and feeling as if it’s noon. If you’re efficient in your work, it will slow the entire day down.

Eat your breakfast

Remember how your grandma always told you how breakfast was the most important meal of the day? Well, she wasn’t just saying that to yank your chain and make you eat that oatmeal in front of you. As it turns out, it’s 100 percent right, as eating breakfast is critical in keeping your mind and body fueled for the day ahead. No need to eat a big meal like a four-egg omelet with potatoes and toast, either, as a simple protein shake can help fill you up till lunchtime.

Write your thoughts down

Journaling has long been one of those hobbies that successful people have done to gather their thoughts, record things about their day that were both good and bad and has provided them an opportunity to decompress. While that doesn’t need to be something you do each morning, writing down tasks or thoughts each morning is a good habit to get into, as it lays out a plan for each day. Doing this is just one of those better daily habits that keeps things organized and lets you feel accomplished after knocking out what’s on that list.

Get that heart rate up

You don’t need to be a total gym rat to be happy, but it certainly helps to get some exercise and have the blood flowing. Come of the most successful people in the world abide by their own schedules, admitting to working out each morning for an hour or so before even checking emails or communicating with anyone else. Exercising is one of those better daily habits that’s good for both physical and psychological health, and doing it in the morning helps your body burn more calories throughout the day, too.