Displaying self-confidence isn’t always the easiest thing. We get it, there are stresses in life and inner struggles that can overtake your mind on a regular basis, but the goal should be to get to a point where you can suppress such feelings and always stay positive in everything you do.

From the struggles of working, paying bills, supporting yourself and (maybe a family), saving money and dealing with relationships, among other things, it can be hard to ignore ways to keep your best foot forward and have that self-confidence that will keep you balanced. There’s a reason why the happiest people seem to be those who don’t let things affect them, and we want you to become one of those people.

That’s why we’re giving you some tips on how to display self-confidence no matter what life throws at you. Applying these things to your life will leave you mentally stronger, more of a leader and someone who wakes up excited each and every day for whatever might come your way.

Find humor in things

It’s not easy feeling like you’re the butt of all the jokes, but, sometimes, when things just seem like the world’s against you, just find the humor in it. Sure, this isn’t always a proper, or appropriate, way to deal with heavy issues like the loss of a friend or family member, but for smaller things like a job demotion or loss, a break-up and/or something else out of your control, just laugh at the situation. Understanding that there will be another day tomorrow and that you control how good or bad it will be is an important lesson, so laugh and find humor in the things you can’t control.

Don’t forget to groom

When it comes to general perceptions, for better or worse, we often turn to the physical side of things. That said, if you’re feeling like you’re down on yourself, focus on the one thing you can control — your appearance! Whether that means trimming up your facial hair more often or getting a nice haircut a week before your mane gets a little out of control, when you feel like you look good to both yourself and others, you’ll have more self-confidence.

Eye contact

It’s not a staring contest, but displaying good eye contact is one of the first signs people look for in a person who’s gushing with self-confidence. Oftentimes, we all fall into the trap of thinking we’re weird for looking at someone directly in the eyes, but that’s usually because the person you’re talking with isn’t as confident as they should be. Hold yourself to a higher standard and chat with direct eye contact, no matter how they respond, and your self-confidence will be beaming.

Stand tall

If you slouch, you’ll just look much sadder. That may be harsh to hear for all you people who find themselves lounging around and not thinking about pulling back their shoulders or straightening out their back, but it’s a harsh reality. Having presence doesn’t just mean walking into a room and yelling to get attention, it’s having a certain confidence with how you present yourself without saying a word. We know non-verbal communication is so important, and your posture and how you carry yourself is part of that.

Get out of your own head

The most basic thing here might also be the most difficult for people to overcome. We’re all creatures of our own experiences, so, when we feel like something isn’t going our way and it’s relatable to something from our past, we immediately think we’re doomed. Even more similarly, we’re cautious by nature, meaning we tend to play things safe to avoid pain. This leads to over-thinking and can kill self-confidence, making us worried about an outcome before an action even takes place. You’ve got to stop this, because it’s holding you back.