Look, buying lingerie for a girlfriend can be a tricky proposition, we all know that. From understanding what brands she wants to the perfect size and, of course, getting her something that appeases to both of your interests, no guy comfortably walks into a lingerie shop and leaves knowing what the hell just happened. 

Lucky for you, we’re here to help change that, giving you some advice on how to buy lingerie for a girlfriend and actually make the experience a little bit, well, amusing — and in a positive way, too! For those who may want to give the gift of lingerie but are too afraid to screw it up, this info’s for you.

Know what kind of lingerie she typically wears

It’s nice to surprise your girlfriend with some lingerie that she doesn’t have, but knowing the type that she typically wears means more than just getting the brand that she often wears. From understanding her size, the cuts she normally wears (which we’ll get to in a bit), and if she goes more traditional over a bit sexier, these are all things you need to know before walking into a store and buying something.

Go in with a plan and stick to it

OK, so you’ve got her size for both panties and bras, know she likes bright colors and now just need to make your purchase — now comes the hard part, sticking to that plan. As any guy whose been in a Victoria’s Secret knows, there are a lot of different options out there, and they all seem to look alike; yet carry various price tags. Don’t get talked into buying some bundle pack or anything like that. Stick to your guns and buy what you initially went in to buy, you’ve got this.

Have a budget, ’cause lingerie isn’t cheap

As we briefly mentioned above, lingerie for a girlfriend is definitely not cheap. You might think that it should cost $5 and be one size fits all, but that’s far from the case. You know girls, they like to be unique (and sexy), so they don’t all want to wear the same things beneath their clothes. If you go in thinking you’ll get 10 pieces of undies and bras for $20, you’ll have a rude wakeup call when you see the final receipt, so just be prepared — which is why it’s important to have a plans and stick to it.

Avoid buying lingerie to suggest anything

The last thing you want to have happen when buying lingerie for a girlfriend is to have the gesture backfire. Girls understand that buying her undies and/or bras is uncomfortable for you, so keep things as simple as possible when doing it. That means avoiding pushup bras that make her boobs look bigger or trying to get her into see-through panties that show-off her butt a little bit more. They may be good for you to look at, but if she’s uncomfortable with the purchase — and while wearing it — your purchase may make things awkward.

Know the different types of cuts and styles

It’s a fact that all underwear isn’t created equally, you’re smart enough to know that. So, rather than go in and buy the cheapest lingerie for your girlfriend, know the type of cuts that she usually wears and play it safe by buying that. Does she like thongs more than booty shorts? How about the texture, is she a silk girl or does she prefer cotton? You may want to surprise her with something new and adventurous, but save that for something else, because when it comes to buying lingerie, you should play it safe rather than stray too far outside the box.