Why am I single? That’s a question that has definitely creeped into each one of our minds at some point or another, making us feel inferior or insecure about ourselves. We regret breaking up with the future lawyer, or made that we keep dating the crazy girl, and think that we’re the problem and are doing something wrong.

Sure, you’re the one making the decision to date some of these girls, but being single isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it shouldn’t be disappointing at all, as the single life can lead to casual dating, rediscovering your interests or hobbies and, more importantly, finding out a lot about yourself before going into a relationship.

While being single can be fun, when you’re dating around and start being asked by girls the reason why you’re single, it can be a bit frustrating. Do you tell them it’s because you like the freedom? Have you just not found the right girl? Are you too busy at work? There isn’t a perfect answer to this, but we’re at least here to help give you some creative ideas when you get asked — so save these for the next time a girl wants to know.

So I can have my bed all to myself

When in doubt, always use a little humor. If we’re being really honest, there’s actually nothing better than waking up next to a girl who’s draped across your chest, but, hey, you don’t want to let down your guard and admit that. Have a little fun when you’re asked why you’re single, and lighten up the mood around the serious question.

Because I hate watching The Bachelor

It’s a fact that all girls love to watch The Bachelor and/or reruns of Friends. If these shows seem like terrible way to spend your nights, you probably like being as single as a slice of American cheese. When a girl asks why you’re single, throw a little shade her way and remind her that what she sees on TV isn’t reality, so she shouldn’t think that everyone wants that.

So that I don’t need to do boring sh*t

Sure, this might come across as really snarky and maybe a bit rude, but who really cares? When you’re single, you get to think and act how you want to, refusing to change your ways because your girlfriend doesn’t like something about you. More so, you don’t need to go to dinner parties with friends you don’t like or make future plans that sound miserable to you. That freedom is a major reason being single is so great.

Why do you think I’m single?

She asked, so throw the question back on her. This shows a bit of confidence on your part, because you know why you’re single, you know you can tell her why you’re single, but you don’t care enough to actually reveal the truth. Plus, girls like men who are a bit suspicious, and this is the best way to maintain that illusion and keep them interested.

I’m one of the lucky ones, I guess?

We’re not saying relationships are a bad thing, but there are a helluva lot of people out there who aren’t happy in theirs, but remain in one for whatever reason. Hopefully, the good time outweigh the bad times. While this may not be the real reason you remain single, making a little witty remark about why you are will usually be well-received, and it’ll show you’re kind of giving a big F you to the whole dating game.