For all you video game addicts out there, you might want to sit down and take a deep breath before reading this, because there’s a full on gaming hotel in Taiwan that is designed just for you. And, yeah, it’s about to be your wet dream tonight after hearing the details.

Guys, meet the iHotel, a hotel experience that takes your gaming obsession to a level that its never been to before. Coming with two computers with i5-7400 processors, 16GB of RAM and a GTX 1080 Ti GPU, this gaming hotel is one that probably doesn’t see many guests sleep too often.

As for the rooms, iHotel wants to make sure its gaming guests get the most out of their stay, so each room gets hooked up with side-by-side DXRacer gaming chairs, making it simple to compete against whoever you have staying with you for the night. Let’s just hope the extra competition doesn’t lead to any arguments.

Here are a few pictures of the iHotel that we were able to find on Instagram. Tell us that this place doesn’t look incredible!

For those gamers who might not want to pay for the whole night in this kick-ass gaming hotel — but would rather waste some time doing, what else, playing video games — iHotel has options. For a full night, the price comes to about $100 (£73), while guests also have the choice to pay an hourly rate, which is just $12 (£8.85) during weekends, or meet the hotel in the middle and pay $75 (£55) for 15 hours, per LADbible.

Located about an hour train ride from Taipei, Taiwan, in the Taoyuan district, this gaming hotel is easy to get to and won’t completely kill your travel budget. Plus, with iHotel trying to avoid being cornered into the gaming market — even though that’s pretty difficult to avoid, in our personal opinion — the place is actually a five-star rated hotel, offering a number of awesome amenities for guests who aren’t there for gaming.

We’re not sure about you, but, outside of sex, this gaming hotel is easily the one thing we’ll be dreaming about — and getting us excited — over the next few days. Now who wants to go to Taiwan and stay for a night?

(H/T LADbible)