The FIFA World Cup has officially kicked off, meaning a couple things. First, the greatest sporting tournament in the world is underway, no doubt, giving us a month’s worth of memories that could last a lifetime. And, second, that we get to see a bunch of hot World Cup fans in the stands.

While the first part of that last paragraph is meaningful to us — who doesn’t want to see drama on the pitch in each match? — it’s that second part that is getting us really excited today. Whether it’s WAGs in the stands rooting on their man in the match, or just a hot supporter for a certain country, the cameras love showing off World Cup fans who have the good looks.

Rather than have you wait for the camera to spot them throughout the tourney, though, we figured it’d be interesting (and fun) to go through and pick the hottest World Cup fan from each of the 32 participating countries. With the tournament now in full swing — which has resulted in some high drama already with the results — we’re offering two of the sexiest women we could find from two teams who put on a show a couple of days ago, Portugal and Spain, with Margarida Neuparth from Portugal and Sara Carbonero Arevalo from Spain.

To help determine which World Cup fan was hotter, Margarida or Sara, we asked you guys to vote on social media. The results are below, but, first, let’s take a look at some of the sexy pictures that both Margarida Neuparth and Sara Carbonero Arevalo post onto Instagram to help give you a peek at why they’re both worthy competitors.

Margarida Neuparth

Em contagem decrescente! 6 days❤️🎉🎂@margaridaneupsilva #MargaridaNeuparth

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Obrigada por tudo❤️ #MargaridaNeuparth

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Sara Carbonero Arevalo

F R E E D 🍭M. #modovacaciones #familia #slowlife #creandorecuerdos #boom

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Now, we hate having to decide between two (super) sexy girls, but, hey, rules are rules. Plus, it’s just a friendly competition based off of your votes, so there’s really no loser in our mind.

According to our poll, you voted Sara Carbonero Arevalo hotter than Margarida Neuparth, with 74 percent of votes on Twitter and 81 percent on Instagram leading to an overall score of 78 percent to 22 percent in Sara’s favor. Congrats to Sara Carbonero Arevalo for being one of the champs in our hottest World Cup fans tournament, where there will be plenty more hot girls to compete with.

Make sure to check back each day throughout the tournament, where we’ll be featuring a hot girl from each World Cup country to help make the tournament even more thrilling. And, at the end, we’ll crown our hottest girl based off of your votes. See, told you the World Cup is the greatest sporting tournament in the world!