If you’re a guy and don’t know where the clitoris is, you’re not alone. In fact, too many guys are down there rubbing along the vagina in hopes of getting a girl off, but many are stick stuck on where to find the clitoris — which is the pleasure center of the vulva. In other words, it only serves as a sensitive spot for girls, helping them get off.

Since finding the clitoris is something that men have struggled with for years, we decided to make an educational video to help you out. We’ve also added some tips on how the clit works, too, so you know just how important of a role the thing is when it comes to a pleasurable experience for girls. Take a look at the video above, where Harriet and sex educator Lola Jean — the squirting queen herself — act as much hotter Sex Ed teachers to help explain things.

But we’re not going to stop there, because, in order to find the clitoris, it takes as much education as possible. After all, we’re all about practicing good sexual health, and the clit isn’t the same for every single girl out there, so you should know how it affects every partner you’re with.

Where can I find the clitoris?

As mentioned above, where to find the clitoris is often one of the biggest struggles for guys. That said, it’s not as difficult as many of us are making it, with the clit found above the vaginal opening and urethra. It has both internal and external parts, so that’s important to understand when trying to get a girl off, because it takes more than just a few minutes of rubbing, gents.

Does the clitoris serve any purpose?

Unlike other parts of the vagina, the clitoris actually doesn’t serve any purpose other than increased stimulation. That’s right, the small, pea-sized bulb above the vagina is there strictly for helping your girl get off; which is part of the reason why it’s so important to understand where to find it and utilize it.

As the most sensitive spot of the erogenous zone — which are hot button spots that cause pleasure on the body, like the nipples, clitoris, neck and butt, among other spots — the clit is commonly what needs to be stimulated in order for a girl to orgasm during sexual activity.

How does the clitoris work?

Made up of two parts, as we said above, the clitoris has both internal and external parts to focus on. Satisfying both areas is critical in helping a girl reach climax.

The internal part of the clitoris isn’t typically visible when looking at the vagina. However, the clitoris is located in front of the urethra, and splits into two bulbs, which extend to the labia, passing by the urethra, vaginal canal, and towards the anus. Once these bulbs swell, they increase female lubrication, which is why things, hopefully, get wetter down there as you play with a girl’s clit more frequently, as the increased stimulation adds to such a reaction.

As for the external part of the clitoris, it’s a pea-sized gland that doesn’t swell or grow during sex, as the internal portion does. With a clitoral hood above it — which differs from person to person — not every girl’s vagina will look or act the same; which we’re sure you already know. That said, it’s why some girls require a little extra spreading of their vaginal lips in order to hit the clit.