When it comes to manscaping, every guy worries about what girls think about their grooming habits. On one end, do girls like a cleaned up genital area so not to deal with all that hair? Or would they prefer a little fuzz, but nothing that’s going to leave them picking out hairballs from their teeth after some good ol’ fashioned oral sex?

For as long as human civilization has been around, something tells me that the topic of manscaping has been a debate that just doesn’t have an answer to. And, while guys can go back and forth about how often they trim down there, if at all, as well as how much hair they leave, we went to the source to see what girls really think about it.

That’s why we headed over to Reddit to dig up some opinions from girls themselves, with the ladies allowing us to get into their minds to see if manscaping is something they like, hate or are indifferent about.

“I only prefer when a man is trimmed below the belt. Could care less about body hair as long as you bathe regularly. Dated a hairy guy that didn’t shower daily- ew. Trimmed down south is a personal preference (just don’t want a mouth full of hair if ya know what I mean).”


“Y’know, I don’t care. I know people who do care, but I’m not one of them. If a guy wants to do it for himself, that’s one thing, but I hope he doesn’t do it just for me. I prefer a guy with some hair on him — fuzzy is fun, and I have no objections to him being a mammal. And as a woman who’s waxed … it’s not as bad as I feared it would be, but it is a pain in the ass (pun partially intended) to keep up. I’m not high-maintenance enough to do so.”


“For the love of God don’t shave your crotch if you’re with a woman who shaves her crotch. Man stubble is extremely pointy and will sandpaper her ladybits. I hate this. Otherwise do what you want I have no preference. I like some trimming around the pubes so it doesn’t tickle my nose but I couldn’t care less about back hair.”


“I adore body hair. The only places I would appreciate a partner trimming is nose/ears/crazy long eyebrows. Everything else I want to caress and nuzzle and feel against my skin. I would never object to dating someone who kept trimmed, if you feel sexy, do it.”


“Back hair is a turn off for me. Also if the arms/ hands look ape-like…shudder. neatly trimmed down below. Chest hair can be really nice, but am not in to all the beards.”


“I personally find a well-groomed man sexy. It shows that he knows how to take care of himself. He doesn’t need to remove a bunch of body hair if he’s really hairy, but I’m not into the au-natural look either.”


“I prefer hairy men. I would date a non-hairy man if he had a great personality. Arm hair: yes please. Chest hair: yes please. Back hair: don’t mind it. Facial hair: ironically, I despise facial hair.”


“I’ve only ever heard manscaping applied to the private parts. Personally, I prefer you trim those up nicely, not let them grow wild. I don’t want a mouth full of hair when I’m getting busy down there. Leave everything else alone. A man should have a hairy chest.”


“My guy is hairy all over and I LOVE it. He had some bad experiences with nasty women like you did and it made him think shitty things about himself which just aren’t true. He also tried waxing his back and predictably, that went badly. Our first date we went for a swim, I was hypnotized by swishing his chest hair, which no one had done before, so he discovered it was an erogenous zone :O ahem he was in the pool a bit longer than me to let his boner die down. I love all his soft fur. I love jamming my hand up his shirt and stroking his chest. I love rubbing his shoulder blade patches.. his angel wings! If I stroke his upper back while he’s concentrating on something else he does this shiver. He finally likes his fur, believes me that I like it.. because I keep reaching for it and hum while I bliss out in some tactile trance state while petting him. Skip the self hatred and get a woman who delights in your fluff.”

So, what’s the verdict on manscaping? As a lot of the replies from girls show, it’s something that isn’t really a dealbreaker when it comes to sex and dating a guy. That said, the dude has to be confident about it and going with what makes him comfortable — especially when it comes to length of chest hair and, more so, if he’s OK with his own back hair. You’ve just got to own it, gents!

To see the full thread about manscaping, head on over to Reddit to see what other girls had to say about the grooming technique.