A good hairstyle can be the difference between looking good, and looking hot. Contrary to popular belief, men have just as many options for hairstyles as women do. Here are what I consider the 5 most attractive hairstyles for men. 

The hair is such an important part of your face. It makes up the majority of whether or not someone thinks you’re good looking in first impressions. Changing your hairstyle really changes your overall image. The best part is you don’t have to stick with one style!

A lot of men worry that spending time on your looks will make you look vain. That somehow, only women should be putting hours into looking good. There’s a lot of pressure on men to look good naturally. The fact is looking naturally good is 80% of the time the result of a lot of effort and work. Which is ok.

Controlled Curls

Some men are born blessed with luscious, curly locks. They are the envy of men everywhere. Well that is only if they put in the time and effort needed to maintain the curly hair. Curly hair left unmaintained is called messy hair. Or greasy hair.

It’s hard work having curls, but curls that are under control and styled right are beautiful. They give a youthful, playful look. My tip for guys who have this hairstyle is to keep facial hair to a minimum. You have so much going on on top, if you have a face full of hair as well it can get too crowded to look at.

Controlled curls is basically when you wake up, wash, blow dry and style your hair every day so that your curls look clean and fall into the right places on your face. Don’t be afraid to bust out some hair curlers either!

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The Undercut

Probably the most popular hairstyle right now for young men. It’s really kicked off as a trend these past few years, and I’d say about 60% of my male friends have it. That’s because it’s a good look that looks good on so many face types.

It’s a great haircut because there’s a lot style, without too much effort. The short sides help keep the look masculine, whilst the full hair on top is left to be sculpted into something more interesting. This hair cut pairs really well with facial hair as well.

If you let your hair grow out, you can also start having an undercut with a manbun, which is also a pretty sexy look. The hair is good for those that don’t want a super short cut, but don’t want their hair to get in the way.

You can chose to have the cut as long or as short as you like. Some men like to go for a “fade” on the sides because it can give a nice look.

Natural Pompadour

I’m not really sure how to describe this hair cut. It’s a classic medium length hairstyle for men. It looks conservative, clean, yet stylish. It works fantastic if you’re a professional that wears suits. Finally it also looks fantastic if you’re greying, because it makes you look distinguished.

The pompadour really does work, and it’s a great style for men who want to reinvent themselves, without going crazy.

Martin Freeman rocked this hair style in the latest season of Sherlock and I can’t get over how much hotter he looks now. I’m just going to post photos of his hairstyle before, and his hairstyle afterwards so you can make the comparison yourself from this change of hairstyle.

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The side part

Often considered a geeky look, a well executed side parting can look really great. Originally seen as quite geeky, this hairstyle has thrived since geeky became the new sexy.

This hairstyle actually suits short hair quite well, but I had difficulty finding photos. It’s very easy to have as well as maintain. It does leave room for creativity and it’s often matched with short sides.

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The David Beckham

When in doubt, copy David Beckham. David Beckham as been a muse for men’s hairstyles for as long as I can remember, and he’s tried out quite a few different styles. It’s been part of his branding to have a lot of focus on his hair.

You might think to yourself “of course he can pull that off, he’s super handsome!” but I think he shows what can be done with men’s hair with a bit of time and effort. I also want to point out that David Beckham has a receding hairline, which many men feel insecure about. He works his hairstyles around that, and pull it off well.

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