Some guys don’t think much about changing things up when the weather gets warmer, but, as someone who just buzzed his head, I can tell you that being part of the whole summer haircuts movement is a good thing. First off, it’s hot as balls out, so having shorter hair helps keep me cool. Second, it’s low maintenance, so, when I don’t want to bother with things, I toss on a hat or just rub some water on my head before heading out the door.

Since we’re all going through a serious heatwave right now, I figured it’d be a good time to give you some summer haircuts that should be in consideration for the next time you hit up your barber. No, you don’t need to go full buzz like I did, but going shorter and keeping things tight never killed anyone.

Grow your mane out as long as you want in a couple of months, but, for now, consider there top summer haircuts that are both stylish and will keep you cool.

High fade with texture on top

This is the so-called Zac Efron look, where he keeps things super tight on the side, then uses a little fiber product on top to make it look a little messy. While this is something that can be used in all four seasons, when doing it for a summer haircut, make sure to go a little bit shorter with the length on top, as well as going as low as a No. 1 on the sides to really make it pop.

Spiked side part with a high fade

Much like the previous summer haircut, the spiked side part with a high fade is a classic look that many men can go with during all four seasons. But, much like the previous example, this style needs to be maintained every week or so to make sure it doesn’t get too college frat boy too quickly. It’s important to keep the sides extra tight — making sure they don’t get rounded off for shape — and to make sure the hair on top is always styled properly.

Short, slicked back

Holidays with Love!😍

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As of today, Cristiano Ronaldo is rocking this summer haircut, and, we must say, it’s pretty cool. Although it looks a little weird given his head shape, it doesn’t really matter because, you know, he’s Cristiano Ronaldo and can get any girl he wants. That’s not you, but, at the very least, you can steal his haircut. Keeping things short on the sides and a short, but not buzzed, on top, this look is almost the in-between look — meaning it looks like the haircut someone who is between a buzz cut and growing it out would.

Buzz cut

BRASPBERRY…just think about it.

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Hey, as I told you before, I just did this for myself and, man, let me tell you how good it feels during these hot, summer months. Not only can I just roll out of bed each morning and not worry about styling my hair now, but it’s also perfect for showing off any tan I’ve gotten. Sure, going with a buzz cut can be strange if you’ve never thought about your head shape, but talk to your barber about how to have it complement your features — like faded on the sides or something.