So many guys, even as they get older, still don’t know how to wear cologne the right way. Maybe that’s because we’re all so used to dousing the stuff on to cover up our natural (or bad) scents, ignoring the fact that we probably smell like a 13-year-old boy who just discovered cologne for the first time.

Point blank: When you can smell a guy’s cologne from about a block away on the street, that’s when you know he’s gone more than a little bit overboard. Lucky for you, we’re going to tell you how to wear cologne today, so that you’re not the guy everyone’s secretly coughing over when you go to the bar. Trust us, that’s not the man you want to be.

Like all good things, spraying cologne is about moderation

Some guys are so accustomed to spraying a bunch of cologne on themselves that they don’t even realize they’ve taken it too far. That’s OK, but it’s something you need to correct as soon as possible. Wearing cologne is supposed to give you a unique smell, not suffocate anyone within a five-foot radius, so make sure you apply one or, at most, two sprays, walking through the mist when applied to the chest or rubbed on your inner wrists with a more direct spray.

Where should you spray cologne?

As mentioned above, two of the most common spots are on the chest and inner wrists, with the neck being another hot zone. Remember, cologne is supposed to work with your body’s natural oils to give off a pleasant aroma, so avoid spraying it on clothing — not just because it’s not meant to be there, but it can also ruin your clothes. General rule of threes, gents: neck, chest or wrists, but never all three at the same time.

How much cologne is too much?

If you’re spraying more than twice, you’re definitely wearing too much cologne. As stated above, the max amount of sprays a guy should do is two, but, even then, one must be careful with the distance between the bottle and the body. When on the neck or chest, spray on both sides of your body from about six inches away, then walk through the mist. When applying to the inner wrists, hold the cologne bottle about one inch away, spray, then rub your wrists together, which will evenly distribute the oil.

Is there a way to tell if you’ve sprayed too much?

Well, other than the fact that people will (hopefully) tell you — assuming that you’re with friends — one simple way is walking forward a couple steps and quickly stopping. If you can smell yourself and your nostrils sting a bit, go take a damp towel and pat yourself down a bit. But do not re-apply after doing that, otherwise you could just do more damage to yourself and the others around you.

When should I re-apply cologne?

First and foremost, wearing cologne right after you hop out of a warm shower is going to be your best bet, as all of your pours are open, so the oils can be captured in your skin. As for re-applying, that can be a bit tricky, but it can differ depending on situation. For instance, if you’re at a smokey bar and drinking beer, re-applying some cologne during the middle of the night (just once) isn’t the worst idea. However, remember that, just because you can’t smell yourself, doesn’t mean other people can’t, so be careful with spraying more on too soon. As a general rule, you should really only apply cologne once during a night out, which is before leaving the house.