As more guys keep their five o’clock shadow and scruff for days longer than they probably should, beard oils are becoming more and more popular. And, since growing a beard is one of the best things about being a guy, we’re here to help you take care of it, making sure that those said beard oils are applied correctly so the thing doesn’t dry out and become itchy.

With summer in full effect, your beard needs just as much care as it would when the colder weather is around. So, for that reason, take a peek below to find the best beard oils to use as the heat of the season is here. Trust us, you’ll want to avoid looking like you’ve been stranded on a deserted island and keep things nice and tame for the ladies.

Bearded Bastard Raw Beard Oil

Unlike other beard oils on this list, Bearded Bastard Raw beard oil is almost completely odorless, meaning you can walk out of your bathroom without anyone knowing you’ve got anything on your whiskers — which some guys like. All-natural and nut-free, the oil is meant for the most sensitive skin types, and is designed to help your hair feel both soft and to reduce itchiness.

Oliver Ridge Company Wanderer Beard Oil

It doesn’t take much of the Oliver Ridger Company Wanderer beard oil to keep your whiskers looking and feeling fresh. Just a simple little drop of the stuff should keep your beard smelling good — thanks to the java, floral, spice and vanilla scents — while also leaving your bearded face looking glossy and smooth due to the natural oils of the stuff.

Can You Handlebar Initiative Beard Oil

Coming in a custom made tube that makes it easy to pack while traveling, Can You Handlbar Initiative beard oil will help your beard avoid being weird when hitting up the beach for a weekend get-away. In addition to the cool packaging, the beard oil smells fresh as hell, with hints of fresh lemons, limes and bergamot coming from the bottle and your face. Like others on this list, the beard oils are all-natural and nut-free, meaning it’s good for even the most sensitive skin.

Zeus Verbena Lime Beard Oil

With a name like Zeus in the title of this beard oil, you better believe that the stuff is designed to help a god — and the Zeus Verbena Lime beard oil always delivers. Mixed with an exclusive antioxidant blend, this beard oil locks in moisture while promoting healthy hair growth, as well as helping to eliminate any itch.