With the summer nearly here, guys seem to be looking for manscaping tips as much as possible, hoping to find the best ways to clean themselves up from the winter hibernation and keep things in order. That said, there’s a reason why they’re called manscaping tips and not just male hair removal; and that’s because there’s a right and wrong way to do it.

Like most things when it comes to appearances, the last thing a guy wants to do when manscaping is to go from one extreme to the other. For instance, if you’re thinking about getting a first tattoo, you wouldn’t just immediately decide to get one that covers up the entire right side of your face, right? We certainly hope not. Same thing applies to manscaping tips, where certain rules must be followed.

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Get the right clippers

Want to know one of the biggest manscaping tips on the planet? Investing in the right clippers that will do the best job when it comes to trimming hair. Remember, manscaping is about cleaning up the hair on your body, not completely removing it; some guys get this confused. So, when you buy a pair of clippers, don’t go too expensive nor too cheap, because you want to make sure the thing delivers without much hassle.

Have focus regions

If you’re a hairy beast, that’s fine, but make sure you have a few focus regions so not to totally come across as disguising all that hair — which is bound to grow back in a week or so anyway. That said, the key areas to focus on for manscaping should be things like back, chest and stomach. When it comes to dealing with manscaping those areas, we’d suggest getting it as tight as possible on your back, while having an even buzz on the chest and stomach. Oh, and if you’re trying to clean up “down there,” we suggest going super short, almost to the point of baldness.

Be subtle

Now that you’ve got the regions you want, don’t overdo it. Sure, it’s tempting to take a little off here, then a little more there, but, before you know it, you could end up looking like an Olympic swimmer who has zero body hair for competitions. The secret to good manscaping is to have a plan and set a number on your clippers, then follow that each week to keep that hair nice and tight.

Stick with it

You can’t just manscape once and then get lazy about it. That should be a given, but you’d be surprised with how many guys think that buzzing some hair off their body once will do the trick for the entire summer. Like the hair atop your head, it’s going to grow, so stay ahead of the curve by sticking to a set schedule each week or every couple of weeks to avoid any sloppiness before heading somewhere where you’ll ditch the shirt. The last thing you want to be is underprepared.

Now when you got rid of the unwanted body hair, the only thing that’s left is styling your hair and getting the hottest hairstyle out there.