HentaiCon was pretty awesome, guys. Not only did we meet new fans and see a bunch of vendors, but we got to meet some really hot Instagram stars, too. One of those girls was Cyriichii.

Cyriichii is one of those girls who is as sweet as can be. Sure, she’s gorgeous and all, so that helps, but she’s got this way about her that makes you feel special. Plus, she’s got some sassiness to her, too, which always helps keep things interesting.

Talking to us about how she got into Hentai, what made Anime so appealing and, finally, how to play a fun game to help with your icebreakers, we instantly became some of her biggest fans.

Sugarcookie: What Made The First HentaiCon So Appealing To You?

Cyriichii: “It’s mainly for my friends. I mean, I do support a lot of the artists here and a lot of the staff or volunteers here, and they’re good friends of mine that I’ve met in the past. Even though it’s a HentaiCon and some people may think it’s a little strange, the entire community is just so fun that I needed to be here to support it.”

Sugarcookie: What Is It About Anime That Got You Into It?

Cyriichii: “Hmm… I think, it would probably be the storytelling tropes that happen, because I’m really interested in the way some of the animations happen. I view anime as a very artistic form, and I’m really into the behind-the-scenes stuff rather than the full production.”

Sugarcookie: What Is It About The Anime Community That Makes It So Unique?

Cyriichii: “I just think it’s the way that everyone’s so supportive. Really, that’s just so amazing to see, and it makes it fun to come together. That we’re all able to bond and can all come together, it’s honestly like having a bunch of besties that you can all just play games with, but, instead of playing games, you go and do photos with.”

Sugarcookie: Can You Talk About The Icebreaker Game, Bowsette, A Little Bit?

Cyriichii: “We’ve seen a lot of people really enjoy the icebreakers because it’s something that we view as an in-between with the things you normally do with your friends. For instance, if you do a board game night already, or you play D&D, instead of playing those, you can play this card game and get to know some really funny things about your friends. It’ll probably be a little bit more than you want to, but that’s what makes it cool. It’ll be stuff that you can all bond over.”

Sugarcookie: What’s The Best Icebreaker Card That You’ve Seen?

Cyriichii: “Man, that’s a tough one. I think, for me, my favorite one would be the ‘safe word’ card. Because I love sitcoms, I would always just use ‘flugelhorn’, which is from How I Met Your Mother, because, come on, it’s hard not to laugh when you hear that, especially if it’s as a safe word.”

Sugarcookie: I Mean, You’ve Got To Have Some Funny Stories About Playing The Icebreaker Game On Dates, Right?

Cyriichii: “Oh, man, I’m telling you, it’s pretty awesome to do. I’ve broken it out before after a few glasses of wine and you just start talking about things you never thought you would, or learning new stuff about someone that you just met. It’s really funny, because, where else can you find out what the most awkward thing a person has said after sex is?”