Do girls prefer circumcised or uncut penises? If anyone is going to be able to answer this question well, it’s a pornstar. Luckily Harriet Sugarcookie was able to ask them while at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2019.

The reasons for circumcision range from thinking it might be more hygienic to religious and cultural views.

While in America circumcision is the norm and usually performed for hygiene and appearance reasons, in Europe it’s only usually performed for cultural or religious reasons. Muslim and Jewish men are traditionally circumcised soon after birth for example.

Circumcised or uncut?

Many girls said that they like all penises regardless of whether they are cut or not. Some did state a defined preference.

American girls generally favoured circumcision on the basis that some hadn’t even seen a ‘natural’ penis. The reasons for this were mostly aesthetic and the thought that it might be cleaner.

But those who had seen and used both, commented that jerking someone off was easier with a foreskin and that anal sex was smoother.

In normal sex though, many said they didn’t really care as long as the guy f*?&ed them good!

Some of the women preferred to feel a bigger cock due to the extra thickness of the foreskin and the way it provided an extra ridge.

Personally, having been with both natural and circumcised men, I can’t express a clear preference. In the UK, a lot of men are as natural as the day they were born. A dick is a dick. I have to agree that most do look the same but admit there are slight differences. Whether you want to see all of it immediately or play peek-a-boo by pulling the skin back is fair game.

It can be easier to give a handjob to someone who is natural as the foreskin gives more friction and stimulates you more than when a guy is cut. But that’s not to say that it’s harder to jerk someone who is cut because their head is more exposed. Both kinds can be teased in different ways!

Oral sex

Some of our greedy girls told us how they want to feel all of it in their mouths. During a blowjob, it’s possible to lick the tip of the glans, suck the whole head or tease the ‘ridge’ before the main shaft starts. When the foreskin has been removed, this is sometimes a little easier to feel all of the cock. But even when uncircumcised, you can draw back the foreskin gently and enjoy every bit of it.

Running your tongue underneath the hood however is another game for a rainy day. Or like, tonight, tomorrow, a boring afternoon. . . you get the idea.

What pornstars say

Nina Hartley said that “baby wipes are a man’s best friend” to keep your hygiene good. “It can be easier to masturbate someone who isn’t cut and when you’re going bareback, the foreskin provides a bit extra!”

Molly Stewart pointed out that it’s just skin and that there’s no need to be weird about it. After all, “They all look the same when they’re hard!” True dat.

Angela White: “I would pick uncircumcised but I’ve had some of the best orgasms of my life on circumcised cocks! I like to feel the foreskin rolling back and forth inside my holes!” TMI? We think not!

Kira Noir: “I don’t really have a preference until it comes to anal. But that’s just at the beginning when you’re tight, once you’ve opened up there’s no real difference. An uncircumcised dick helps it slide in and out!”

“I think it’s a practice we can let go of, visually I don’t think it makes much of a difference. We don’t really need it, we know how to clean their dicks. Don’t go chopping guys’ tips off!”

The verdict

So do girls prefer circumcised or uncut penises? None of the pornstars we spoke to would turn down sex because of their preference. They all said they have had great experiences with both.

There were perceived pros and cons to both types but this whole debate should be filed under things you really shouldn’t be worrying about. Keeping it clean and being a good lover is way more important that whether or not you have foreskin.