Years ago I studied for a year in Phnom Penh. No real reason why, other than some family members of mine lived there. It was my first time at an international school, and although it was small I made some great memories. In fact, I made a life long friend there. Nearly ten years on and I’m finally visiting, and will see her again.

When I lived in Cambodia I was pretty protected. I had a nanny and a bodyguard. Oh and there was the driver, but I only saw him in the mornings and afternoons being taken to and from school. I remember my bodyguard had a gun, and it was the first time I had ever seen a firearm. 

Ok so let’s just explain, I lived with my aunty at this time. My eccentric but super rich aunty. She owned three restaurants, one bar, co-partnered in a casino and all sorts of strange and wonderful businesses. I might even go to say that the year I lived in Cambodia was one of my most glamourous. I went to  my first strip club, saw my first pole-dancer. Looking back, I wonder if this is why I have such a high sex capacity. I’m not saying it’s a good thing for little kids to walk into bars and strip clubs. But it made  a huge impression on me. The women were so beautiful, and everyone loved them. I guess with my child eyes I thought they must have been celebrities. I didn’t understand the term lust, or why it was mostly men in those clubs. All I knew was that these girls got to wear amazing make-up. They sparkled from body glitter and shimmer spray. They had lacy, pretty underwear, and some had nipple tassels. Combined with bright lights, the music, and the smokey atmosphere; I was enchanted.