I recently became a camgirl on MyFreeCams. I know very little about this community of models and viewers. With that in mind I have decided to get to know the men and women that frequent my chat-room. This is the first part of a series of sex surveys where I try to get to know the webcamming community. To kick things off I thought it would be fun to focus on viewers and their sex lives. I surveyed 55 respondents, here’s what I found out.

Camming is most popular in North America

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This probably isn’t surprising seeing as I’m camming on an US based website and I’m a native English speaker. So the states will obviously be my biggest market even though I’m on cam at awkward times.

Most viewers are single

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81 percent of my webcam viewers are single. Some people may not be surprised by this but I am. My experience of being a camgirl so far is that the most important thing is to connect with viewers, laugh with them, joke with them and, it’s strange, as I get to know them I begin to care about them. So maybe the camming community provides companionship and so appeals more to single people that don’t have a confidant.

Cammers are generally young

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Over half of all my cam viewers are under 30. I’m not sure if this is a reflection of my age, perhaps older men feel uncomfortable speaking to a girl young enough to be their daughter; technology, camming is still quite new so maybe young people feel more at home communicating this way; or simply because men are at their sexual peak when they are young. Older men might just prefer a cup of tea to a saucy webchat with me:(

There are more men pretending to be girls than real girls viewing my cam

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OK. So this one is a little baffling to me. I’ve no idea why so many nearly one in twenty of the guys viewing my cam would pretend to be girls. Is it just to wind up the other men talking to me? is it to stand out, do they think i’ll be more open talking with a sister? The most interesting part is that neither of them are transvestites or transsexual. Could I have discovered a new sexuality specific to the digital world where gender is different online and offline? I hope they let me name it if so. Transdigital is as good a name as any but feel free to suggest better ones in the comments area. This is something  I’m keen to find out more about so if anyone can point me towards studies on this phenomena, please contact me. And I’m assuming you agree that the other results on this section are not surprising.

More results coming soon

It’s been great fun finding out about the men and women viewing my cam. As you may know, I asked more questions than what is listed here, so make sure you check back in a few days to find out how good my viewers are at sex, some of the sexual activities they enjoy and to see how your sex-life compares to a typical webcam viewer.