Molly Cavalli was victim to a pornstar shark attack last week as she was attempting to shoot promo for Camsoda’s new underwater cameras. Other news includes registering at the Post Office to watch porn in UK.

Camsoda are launching their new broadcasting system soon. The new systems will allow performers to record underwater anywhere in the world. To demonstrate Molly Cavalli took a shoot inside a shark tank to help promote Camsoda.

However the experiment was cut short as Molly quickly came back up towards the boat. The video footage shows her seeing her bleeding foot once out of the cage and scream/cry at the wound. The pornstar shark attack shows a gash on her foot, and blood can be seen in the video footage.

The shoot was put on hold as Molly was taken to hospital to treat her injury. She has 20 stitches in place. She later reassured her fans via Instagram that she’s recovering and perfectly healthy.

Many people believe the shark attack might have been faked, or that the whole thing is part of a daring publicity stunt. Many point out the fact although there are cameras with wide shots present, only a close up was used of the actual attack, not showing a shark taking a bite out of the camgirl’s foot.

Others have questioned whether or not the cut looks like a shark bite at all. Many believe the publicity Camsoda will get from this “Pornstar Shark Attack” will be much higher than if they had simply done an underwater broadcast.

However as publicity stunts go, this would definitely up there on the “reckless and dangerous” scale. Whether it’s true or not, we’re all very happy that Molly Cavalli is safe.

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Register at the Post Office to watch porn

The Digital Economy Act is finally making it’s way through the UK legal system and will soon be implemented. This means that adult websites will have to use new technological systems to age verify any user that visits their sites.

However Parliament also wants users to register themselves at Post Offices to be able to access adult content. They believe age verification needs to happen in person, with your device. Logistically speaking it’s ridiculous, and sounds like another loop to stop people from watching pornography.

Other methods such as inputting credit card details or passport details online to prove age has been met with concerns over the safety and retention of sensitive personal data. This step is put forward to help minimise the risks of data theft.

However there are still many loopholes that can be used. For instance social media giant Twitter will not be blocked or censored, and you can easily access a wealth of porn on it. People are also predicting the increase of the use of VPNs.

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