Sometimes we do it because we have to. Sometimes we do it because we’re bored. Sometimes we do it because we want to. However, it’s always the same thing over and over gain. The question is: how can we make masturbation more fun?

Get in sync with the music

Build up your rythm with slow movements first, then progressively speed up to your cruising speed. It is a party after all, and parties need music. Plus, it is a good way to program your brain. Pick songs you like and whenever there is a situation you have to perform, just play those songs in your head and your brain will do the association right away.

The cold climax

Have some ice cubes close to you as you masturbate normally. When you feel like you’re close to the finish line, grab some of those cubes in your free hand. The contrast of hot in one hand and cold in the other will intensify the expected feeling.

Change the scenery

There are numerous places where you can let your imagination show your hand the way towards your pants. A room with a nice view can be nice. You can stand or sit, adjust the light so you can see without being seen.

Some places are riskier, if you want the rush of possibly getting caught, public transportation is a cheeky one. Let us be clear, we’re not talking about dropping the pants down and conspicuously waving your flag in the crowd. In fact we don’t recommend masturbation on public transport at all. But if you insist on doing it, at least make sure there are no people or security cameras around!

Play with food

I know. We’ve all been told “don’t play with food” by our virtuous mothers in our childhood full of innocence. However, we’ve grown up since. Our imagination keeps pushing its limits, especially when it comes to kinky stuff.

While girls would nonchalantly purchase bananas, carrots, cucumbers or whatever phallic product the area’s agriculture has to offer, men, on the other hand, have to look for the right texture. Keep it simple, don’t waste time making and ruining perfectly good apple pies and stick to basics; olive oil, flour, cream…