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Kingsman: The Secret Serice is a spy-comedy action film. I saw it at the cinema and knew I would buy it on DVD, making that my fourth ever DVD purchase ever. Staring the big name stars such as Collin Firth, Mark Strong, Michael Cain and Samuel L. Jackson it’s certainly a block buster. 

KingsMan; Secret Service Collin Firth

I think I was excited about this film ever since seeing the trailer. Chav boy turns gentleman spy? It’s basically James Bond meets My Fair Lady (Both films are referenced too!) which could only be really great or really dire. Luckily it’s the second one.

Lead Actor Taron Egerton plays “Eggsy”, who lives with his mum and her abusive boyfriend in London. After a hilarious opening scene, Eggsy finds himself in Holbon police station and makes his phone call to a mysterious number given to him when he was younger after his dad died.

The first great fight scene, then fast forward to him being tested for a position in “Kingsman” a private spy organisation based on Saville Row. His mentor Harry, played by Collin Firth meanwhile tries to figure out the conspiracy by  Samuel L Jackson. More fantastic action scenes lead to Eggsy being the only one who can save the world.

Honestly, I’m very weary into giving away too much, because I loved each scene and I highly recommend this film and I don’t want to spoil it for you. It’s not Oscar worthy perhaps, and overall, I wouldn’t say it’ll become a classic. It is however perfect as an easy comedy action film to watch with friends.

I love the British humour in it, the use of wit, puns and the occasional slapstick. Paired up with some amazing fighting choreography and gory death sentences, you’ve got yourself a highly packed DVD of fun.

This film also rekindled my lust for Collin Firth. It was also the first time I’ve been able to see Michael Cain as anything besides Alfred Pennyworth in a long time. Overall the acting is top notch and the characters have good chemistry between each other.

So go watch Kingsman: The Secret Service now, then come back so we can discuss it properly!

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  • NeilW

    Kingsman was a hoot. Everything worked in it. There was maybe a bit too much unnecessary profanity, but that is the fashion these days (I don’t care for profanity when it’s not in service to the script). But it was excellent action and effective humour wrapped up together. Anyone who liked Kick-Ass will like this, from the same team.
    Having seen comics writer and originator Mark Millar being interviewed from time to time, I think I’d cross the street to avoid him, but films based on his stuff are great entertainment.
    I must say that I didn’t lust for Colin Firth, personally….

  • JakePlissken

    I really loved this movie. The princess at the end cracked me up too ;-D Nice ending to the movie seeing a nice booty!