This past month I’ve started to look out for more webcomics to read, and there’s no a big list of really great ones I simply have to recommend. Webcomics is a branch of comic/manga/manwha that I branch out from my usual erotic or romantic themes. Instead I really love fantasy and action based stories.

Doulou Dalu

Doulou Dalu spider scene tang wu vs spider

The Doulou Dalu webcomic was probably what kickstarted my webcomic binge. Tang Wu is born into a world where everyone has a spirit essence which they can materialise and use for practical uses, including fighting. Those with strong spirit essence work to improve their power. Tang Wu has the spirit essence of river grass, a “junk” essence, but quickly proves to everyone that there is no such thing as junk spirit, only junk spirit users!

Although the english translation are quite rough and could do with a proofreader, and the art can be sketchy at times, the story is 100% gold. The story is set in a different world that is well fleshed out, and the plot has lots of different layers to it. The story advances very quickly, often having huge events appear one after another. For more detail you can follow each chapter along with it’s webnovel counterpart which goes into more detail. Although the story is fast paced, you still get attach to the characters.

The Gamer

the gamer webtoon notifcation scene

The Gamer follows Han Jee-Han who wakes up one day to find video-game style notification boxes and stat levels in the real world. He unknowingly steps into a battle arena of others who also have heightened powers, and learns that his “Gamer” power was granted to him. His decides to level up and find out exactly why he was chosen.

The premise is fairly normally for action fighting stories, a secret world of people who have powers and martial arts, a normal guy who gets thrown into the middle of it. However the video game style power is hilarious and also easy to relate to, making it an original and fun twist.

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor


The legend of the moonlight sculptor fight scene

Another video-game centric story line, except this one really is set in a videogame. Lee Hyun discovers that by selling one of his videogame characters he is able to make an insane fortune, but is quickly scammed out of that money. He decides to create a new character in a new popular online game with the plan of levelling up and then selling.

As someone who has always been interested in online MMORPGs, it’s fun reading a story about the game characters and world as if it were the real world. Lots of meta and inside jokes for all gamers, and a cynical but kindhearted main character makes this a fun and easy read.

The God of Highschool

The God of Highshchool action shot

I’ve been putting off reading this one for a long time, mostly because I kept getting it mixed up with another story about a guy who played dating simulation games. This one is actually about highschool students chosen to battle it out in a one-on-one fighting tournament with unknown consequences. Very cliched story for fighting dramas, with the usual suspect of characters, (the boxer, the chinese one, the girl with the sword) but despite that it has a lot of character and is simply fun to read. There is a lot of humour, the main character is easy to root for and the insane, over the top power levels make it eccentric and exciting. A good read.


witchy webcomic screen capture long hair braiding

Witchy is only just really starting to develop, and chapters are slow to release. However the art and colouring is beautiful and it shows so much potential, I’m already impatient waiting for updates. Perhaps the most girly on this list, it follows a young witch who hides her hair length (the measure of power in her world) so that she doesn’t stand out to be conscripted into the witch army. Full of emotion, I’m got high hopes for this one.