This year, put in a little extra effort to impress your girlfriend before Christmas. It’s the perfect time to sweep her off her feet and really make her feel special. There’s tons of oppotunities to be romantic, spontanious, and basically the best boyfriend ever.


Make a Christmas preparation hamper

People really underestimate how awesome a hamper can be. Hampers are perfect for most occasions. You just get a bunch of stuff and put them in a woven box, maybe add some tinsle or glitter. Bam, instant luxery present. A preparation hamper is a great way of giving gifts and spoiling your girlfriend before Christmas. You can put all sorts of things in, from wine and chocolates to enjoy, to a cuddly toy for her to wait with. Try picking all white items and make it look snowy.

Spontaneous Christmas themed dates

Christmas and winter is a great time to go on spontaneous dates. There’s so many events that are winter themed. If there’s a winterwonderland near you, that’s perfect. Some places also have pop-up iceskating rinks, and what could be more romantic that falling over each other on frozen water? A walk through the woods with a flask of hot chocolate can be a romantic date too. Winter is also the perfect time of year to eat cheese fondue.

Home made advert calendar

Advent calendars are one of the most exciting parts of Christmas in my opinion. Making your own isn’t too hard either. You can get a ready made calendar that’s basically pockets and fill it with treats that your girlfriend likes. Otherwise you can go full DIY and make your own calendar themeed with something special. Another fun calendar idea is to make an advent calendar filled with personalised coupons, such as “shoulder massage” or “turn to pick the movie for movie night”.

Surprise Christmas dinner with friends

Everyone is always so busy at Christmas, and the day itself is spent normally with family. Why not arrange a nice Christmas dinner with your best friends as a surprise? It’s good to make time to spend with those close to you. You don’t have to go out either, a well put together dinner party can feel warm and wonderful.

Buy matching Christmas jumpers

Really up your “lovey-dovey couple” metre by buying you and your girlfriend matching Christmas jumpers. You can pick something fashionable, something geeky, an inside joke or just go for the good old ugly Christmas sweater. It’s a cute thing to share together, and a nice way to show your bond in front of family. Is it corny? Yes. But it a embarrassingly cute way.