Here’s my tips for taking the best portraits for guys, that will help you improve your dating game. Online dating is a huge deal these days. Getting someone to like your online profile starts with your photo, especially with apps like Tinder. 

There are loads of common mistakes guys make when taking photos. Firstly, guys don’t really take as many selfies as girls do, it’s seen as a bit vain and not quite as socially acceptable. For this reason, they don’t get the same amount of practice as girls. Girls always seem to know their best angles and get really creative. But you can to!

First up is the lighting. Good lighting makes the world of difference in photos, whether it’s a portrait or a landscape or anything. Always go for natural lighting, meaning daylight and sunshine. If you can’t, make sure you have bright indoor lights in white rather than yellow. Aways make sure that you are facing the source of the light at an angle where it won’t cast unflattering shadows over your face.

All about that jawline

When it comes to photos of guys, the goal is to look masculine. For the male face, this is the jawline. You want to tilt your head at an angle that makes your jawline look as sharp as possible. This normally means facing away from the camera slightly. Looking straight on can work if you have a jawline that suits that, or if you tilt your head slightly downwards. Be careful not to tilt your head too far down though because it can be seen as quite submissive or feminine and make your eyes look bigger.

Blue Steel eyes

Zoolander wasn’t completely wrong with his blue steel look. For guys, it’s good to do a half squint at the camera. You want to make your eyes look smaller, as big puppy dog style eyes can look too feminine. Don’t go too crazy with the squinting of course, you just want to get that smouldering bad boy look. If you find you often look surprised in photos, this will help a lot with your posing.

Also look out for how the shadows around your eyes are cast. If you eyebrows hang out quite a lot then that can cause shadows over your eyes, which may not always look great. Simply turn your head to the side slightly to catch the light at a different angle.

Pro tip – if you have a big nose, big forehead or a puffy face, try using a longer lens to shoot with


Guys need to do something with their hands. If it’s not a simple head and shoulders shot then you need to think about what your hands are doing. You can put them in your pocket, or hook your thumb through a belt loop. If someone else is taking the picture you can pretend to be doing something like putting on cufflinks. You can hold a football. Or even try just crossing your arms. There’s lots of things you can do.

Don’t forget to consider your shoulders. Men want to make their shoulders look broad, which means squaring them towards the camera. It’ll help create that V body shape. By keeping your upper body closer to the camera, you’ll also make your waist look slimmer. Posture is really important, for both men and women, so make sure you’re posture looks good.

Pro tip – Don’t be afraid to get creative with your photos! Try different facial expressions, interesting backgrounds and play around with filters. The possibilities are endless

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