We already discussed the reasons why men want sex-robots and found out that many men have tried having sex with their hoovers. Now let’s take a look at the darker side to AI sex-robots. What are men afraid of?

Earlier this year I surveyed over 500 men about their fears of future-sex with AI robots. Many of their fears were perfectly reasonable like hacking, hygiene and theft. All things we worry about with many of our current possessions.

But some fears were way more interesting than that and definitely perplexing. Some men were afraid their sex-robot would cheat on them, while others were afraid of falling in love with it.

Why these are fears I can only speculate. I imagine so all sorts of recently hurt, possessive or commitment-phobic men. But as I said, it’s only speculation.

See the full results in the graphic below and if you share any of these fears, be sure to tell me why in the comments.AI sex robot fears