It’s not a bumper crop for sex in the news this week. Hurricanes and North Korea seem to be taking up all the column inches. That been said, I saw this gem of a story about an girl from New Zealand who has retired from stripping and reinvented herself as a sex witch.

That’s right, Shanie Marie – who curiously still has a stripper name or was born with one – is now an expert in orgasm boosting spells according the UK’s The Sun.

In her new role as a sex witch she spends her time helping couples and frustrated singles have more fulfilling sex.

The sex Witch said, “When I was a stripper, I noticed most men were coming to me in search of deeper connections and had nowhere else to turn to.

Apparently they weren’t just looking for sex, she said: “I looked back to ancient times. There were once temples where men would seek counsel and healing from erotic dancers. This has been distorted.

“Modern strip clubs are a power play. Men objectify women, but women objectify them with their wallets.

“It is no longer a place of love and there is not a lot of respect on either side of the sexes. I decided to return to the older roots and bring on an awakening.”

And of course she had time for a fashionable dig at porn, ““Phenomena like porn have also desensitised us.”

From here it gets more ridiculous. Shanie describes casting spells, explains how she’s pansexual and an eco-sexual and gets turned on by a light breeze.

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Worst Tinder date ever!

We have to wonder if this story is real but I included it anyway because it’s so bizarre and a good example of how the media uses strange stories to get readers. Like the one where a man was killed by his porn collection that turned out to be untrue.

According to many many newspapers all over the world a British university student was trapped between two windows trying to recover a poo.

The story goes that while “chilling” at her Tinder date’s place, she went to the bathroom and blocked the toilet. Embarrassed she wrapped her hands in toilet paper, received it and threw it out the window.

Sadly her gift for the neighbours didn’t go very far and landed between two windows. The girl confesses and together they try to retrieve the poo. But of course she gets stuck.

The article is very funny. But just reads like it’s fake. It seems to originate from the SWNS news agency. So they get paid by the media to use their stories and pictures. So there’s a strong incentive tos stage stories like this that can go viral.

And reading the article, there is too much detail from the guy, nothing from her? And why would he sell this story to a news agency? I’d believe it more if it went viral on social media.

More signs the story is staged comes from the fact their journalists didn’t seem to bother contacting the local fire department and that the photos conveniently don’t show any faces.

Read the full bizarre story here and judge for yourself, is it real or fake?