With the new Star Trek Discovery TV series out, we’re bound to see some new hot alien women. Star Trek as a franchise has brought out some amazing, beautiful and also kickass female characters. Here’s my hottest Star Trek women list, tell me if you agree or not!

# 5  Beverly Crusher

Doctor Beverly Crusher, Chief Medical Officer on the USS Enterprise is a MILF. Mother to Westley Crusher, she’s a literal MILF in fact. There’s something sexy about her caring, maternal instincts which she extends to her entire crew. Yet at times she can be a damsel in need of rescue, and it’s those moments of vulnerability that really endear her to us. I love the will-they won’t-they dynamic she and Captain Picard have as well.

#4 Jadzia Dax

Jadzia Dax has always been a fascinating character to me. The Trill are a symbiotic race, and the storylines involving Jadzia the host and her symbiont Dax are so interesting. The character is very strong, has great empathy, kindness and knowledge. One of the most beloved characters from Deep Space 9, this amazing woman caught the heart of none other than Worf himself!

#3 Uhura

The original Star Trek lady, Uhura really pushed the importance of female baddass characters in TV. A capable fighter, an unmatched linguist, Uhura is one sexy woman you do not want to get on the wrong side of. Her relationship with Spock was also amazing on TV as it showed them as equals. It takes a lot of something to match up to Spock, but she did it.

#2 Seven of Nine

Seven of Nine often tops people’s list for hottest Star Trek characters and I can see why. She has an amazing body, all of which is shown off in a skin tight outfit. The proportions are insane! But it’s more than just a pretty face and body that has the fans drooling. Her intellect and backstory make her a great character with lots of moments for emotional drive.

#1 T’Pol

T’Pol has always been my favourite Star Trek female crush. There’s something incredibly sexy about those Vulcan eyebrows and her logical way of speaking. She’s undeniably cute, especially as the series arc focus on her understanding emotions and experiencing a more human side to herself. Also she has back dimples, enough said!