The third episode of Star Trek Discovery feels more like a pilot than the pilot did. We’ll call it pilot 2.0 and I like it. I have good feelings about the new show and I think it’s starting to get on its feet now that the setting has been set. “Context is for Kings” introduces the Discovery ship, the new captain and crew we’ll most likely be watching from now on.

The episode opens up with Michael our lead on a prison shuttle. She’s transferring to a new prison. On her shuttle are three other criminals, who do not take kindly to finding out she’s the mutineer and caused the death of 8000 people. The shuttle, however, is compromised, the pilot dead, and the inmates are saved by none other than the USS Discovery.

Onboard she is reunited with old crewmate Saru who is now First Officer. The entire ship treats her with caution, and the whole scene reminds me of Orange is the New Black.  There is even a fight scene in the canteen. It sets the tone for the consequences of her actions. I’m still uncertain whether I think what she did was ultimately wrong however.

Do you want Aliens? We’ll give you Alien.

Michael is tasked to work in a research lab. Here she crunches data and code for a scientist that does not like her. Everything is kept secret from her, and it’s all very suspect. When the sister ship to Discovery is left dead after a failed experiment she joins the team who investigate.

Here we see Star Trek take a darker turn. The crew of the sister ship have all be killed horribly in the experiments gone wrong and there are bodies twisted and mangled. Klingon bodies are also found, however, these are cut up. The ship is left without power and some dark shadow stalks our heroes as they try and escape.

The entire scene gives off a lot of tension. It reminds me a lot of the film Alien because of the way the crew are followed by an unknown entity which even drags off one of the members. Michael ultimately is able to save the team who manages to retrieve a device they were looking for.

Welcome to the crew

Finally, we see the prison shuttle ready to leave again. Captain Lorca, who seems a bit mysterious and almost villainous, invites her to join his crew. He explains that they are now at war and that Michael is a valuable asset.

In the end, Michael decides to stay. I think we’ll see character development as she makes friends on the new ship and regains trust from her fellow crewmates. The mistrust goes both ways, and we can see that Michael isn’t told everything about her new ship and its mission.

“Context is for Kings” really is a good episode, and continues to show promise for the new Star Trek series.