Yesterday was National Cookie Day. It seemed like the perfect excuse to get out of the office and gorge on delicious, double baked treats. It’s freezing cold here so I donned my big coat, wrapped myslef up and headed out to explore Budapest with my trusty colleague, Ira, in search for the best buscuits in Budapest.

National Cookie Day begins

The first stop was Central Coffee, an historic coffee shop in the centre of Budapest where great thinkers used to hang out. These days it serves great coffee and cakes. I started the hunt with a giant Oreo style cookie.

But there was a problem cramming it all in my mouth

The Crunch: 4/10 Budapest's Central Coffee house giant Oreo cookieNext it was over to the Christmas market where there were so many stalls selling selling homemade food. I managed to pick up this handsome gingerbread boy. That was sadley very disappointing when it came to. . .

The Crunch: 1/10Thankfully things improved quickly when I stepped out of the cold and into Chez Dodo, a macaron specialist. OK macarons are not technically cookies but look how pretty they are!

The Crunch: 8/10Next it was over to my favourite Japanese tea shop, Marumoto. Their desserts are refined with subtle flavours and beautiful presentation.

The Crunch: 6/10Slightly disappointed with Budapest’s Asian cookie offering, we headed over to Neked, one fo the highest rated bakeries in Budapest. Inside, everything is modern, clean design and I picked up this super basic Christmas themed cookie.

The Crunch: 9/10 – the winner!Having already found a close to perfect cookie we still wanted more. We found that in the amazingly fun Sugar! It’s part candy store, part bakery. It’s clearly aimed at children but really all bakeries should look this cute.

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The crunch: 5/10

But the happiest way to finish our cookie hunt