Star Trek Discovery is back after their mid-season break. Jumping straight back into the action where they left off, the crew of the U.S.S Discovery find themselves in a parallel universe where humans rule a zenophobic tyranny. 

We start the episode after Discovery has made it’s latest spore drive jump. Only instead of Federation friends, we are instead greeted by wrekages of Klingon ships and Vulcan bodies.

Yes, that’s right, we’ve entered the Mirror Universe. Only it’s not really the mirror universe because we have yet to see anyone with a goatee. It is a parallel universe, and with Stamets out for the count, our crew aren’t jumping back to the Prime universe anytime soon.

It probably is the Miror Universe

It’s not the Mirror Universe confirmed yet, but everyone’s counter part does seem to be evil versions of themselves. The human race are tyrants ruling the universe under the banner of The Terran, which they are also called in the mirror universe.

In Star Trek Enterprise  the last we see of the Mirror Universe is when Hoshi Sato declares herself the Empress of the Terran empire. The Emporor is referred to on multiple occasions in Discovery – and the ship U.S.S Defiant could be the same one from previous series of Star Trek.

So everything points to us being in the Mirror Universe, although the rules have changed. It’s makes for an exciting episode and changes the plot progression in a new path.

Ash is Voq

One of the prevailing theories fans have been debating seems to all but have been answered. In this episode we see Security Chief Tyler Ash continue to suffer from PTSD flashbacks.

He confronts L’rell who is being held prisoner on the Discovery and she acts strangely friendly towards him. It’s in one of his visits to her after his flashbacks start to affect his work, that she uses a trigger word on him. He speaks back to her in Klingon but before he’s able to fully change, he snaps out of things and runs away.

He finds Dr Culber and asks for further tests to figure out what the Klingons do to him. It’s in the scene when Dr Culber tells him he could have two minds in his body that he snaps his neck – whether conciously or not we don’t know. Dr Culber’s death is without a doubt one of the more emotional and shocking scenes, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.

Captain Killy

In the Mirror Universe it’s cadet Tilly’s alternative the captains the Discovey. Her other persona is a fearsome captain known for showing no mercy and loving violence. Watching Cadet Tilly act as Captain Killy adds lighthearted humour the tension filled episode.

The uniforms for the Terran Empire look very cool. Tilly suits being a murderious, blood thirsty captain.


Star Trek Discovery has come back in spectacular fashion. This is possibly one of the best episodes yet this season and promises a lot more excitement in the serialised plot. The costume design is also fantastic and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Mirror Universe