We return to our Discovery crew who are still stuck in the Mirror Universe in episode 11 “The Wolf Inside”. This episode looks into the psychology of meeting alternative versions of your crew, and the toll of playing the bad guy. 

The episode starts with a narrative from Michael Burnham. Burnham is continuing to act as the merciless captain to the Terran empire. She worries about whether or not it’s changing her as it becomes easier to accept and act along with the ruthless nature of the Mirror Universe.

It’s a really interesting take within the Mirror Universe, and is much darker than previous episodes. Burnham’s internal struggle and outward actions broach much more seriously than previous series. It’s given a new and added depth to the already popular Mirror Universe.

Will the real Voq please stand up

We finally have our “Is Tyler Voq?” question answered. The answer is yes. In this episode Burnham and Tyler visit the alien resistance in an attempt to rescue them from Terran annihilation as well as find out how Klingons can to work besides other alien races.

They meet the mirror version of Voq who is leading the alien alliance. Burnham questions how Voq is able to go against Klingon code to work along side other races.

Tyler is triggered into attacking Voq for betraying the Klingons after experiencing flashbacks. Burnham is able to salvage the situation and return them both to the ship.

There she confronts Tyler on his behavious and Tyler admits that he is Voq, but was trying to remain human. Voq however, quickly takes over and it seems all traces of human Tyler have left.

In an attempt to kill Burnham he is stopped and sentenced to death via teleportation to outside the ship. There he is picked up by Saru on the Discovery.

All hail the Emperor

Before the alien resitance are able to evacuate another ship bombs them. Burnham is shocked and demands to know who shot. It turns out it was non other than the Emperor of the Terran Empire herself.

And yes, it’s Philippa Georgiou. Otherwise known as the captain Burnham failed to protect in her own universe. Although this scene is fleeting you can instantly see the impact seeing her has made on Burnham. It promises a lot for the next episode.