This week Stormy Daniel’s affair with Donald Trump continues to circulate the rumour mills as the pornstar jokes about it live with Jimmy Kimmel. Short commutes prove to be more satisfying than sex, and people are putting video game characters onto porn.

Stormy Daniels has been hitting the news a lot for her alleged tryst with Donald Trump early on in his marriage with Melania. Reports speculate that the pornographic actress was paid $130,000 to keep quiet about the affair prior to Trump’s presidential campaign.

She appeared live on Jimmy Kimmel’s show this week. On the show, he read out transcripts from her interview with In Touch Weekly magazine back in 2011. The interview includes detailed descriptions of her having sex with Trump in a hotel in Lake Tahoe.

When pressed by Kimmel if the account was true, Daniels replied: “define true.”

On Tuesday several news outlets showed a signed statement by Daniels denying the affair. Daniel’s denied authorising the statement on Kimmel’s show.

Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen has declined to comment on the $130,00 pay off allegation made to Stormy Daniels.

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Short commute better than sex

Sex is great. What could possibly be better than sex? According to Londoners, a short commute. A survey of 15,00 people showed that Londoners had a higher increase in happiness if their commute was shorter than average than if they had sex that week.

84.6% of Londoners reported that they were happy in the last 24 hours. That number rose by 2.2% if they had sex recently. This number increases significantly if they had a commute between 15-30 minutes, shorter than the 39-minute average.

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Video game characters faces put on porn

New AI video technology has seen an increase in “deepfake” pornography. Deepfake is a genre of porn where a different face can be placed on top of existing porn videos.

Deepfake pornography using faces of Emma Watson, Clara Delevingne and Natalie Dormer are popular choices for fans. However, a new trend is the use of video game character faces, such as Mercy from Overwatch.

Characters from Witcher 3 and Tomb Raider have also made appearances. The genre is quickly growing, although many question it’s legality when it comes to using real people’s faces.

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