This past week everyone has been in an election frenzy. I decided to join in by setting up my own poll. The results are in guys, we’d like President Darth Vader to take residence at the White House. Other good news includes Proposition 60 being rejected at the ballots. 

I take to twitter to find out who everyone plans to vote for.

The clear landslide winner is Darth Vader, leader of the Empire party. Make the galaxy great again. The reasons people give for voting for Vader were also pretty reasonable.

In a much bigger twist, Vladimir Putin took the lead with 43% of votes when added to the polls. Because of this, I’m going to suggest all future party candidates to change their names to something being with a V. They could also have catchy party slogans like “V for Victory!” or “Vote for V!”

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California rejects Proposition 60

You may have noticed on Twitter that a lot of your favourite pornstars have been campaigning themselves, although this time against Proposition 60. Their efforts were a success as California has voted to reject Proposition 60 and the porn industry in America is safe.

The proposition was backed by the AIDs Healthcare Foundation amongst others. It was to enforce the use of condoms in pornographic movies, by letting any citizen sue a production company for producing an adult movie without the use of a condom.

It was with the work of The Free Speech Coalition set up by the porn industry that really brought in the votes. Notable figures gave speeches and talks throughout the State, which had earlier in the year shown favour of voting yes.

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Election Day Craigslist ads

Election day has apparently made everyone rampantly horny. That is if these hilarious Craigslist ads are anything to go by. Some people want to drown their sorrows in the breasts of a partner, whilst others simply took the campaign rhetoric a little bit too  enthusiastically.

There was an even number of ads from both male and females looking for a sexy political partner.

Pre Election Sexual Release – w4m
I am so tense and nervous and depressed because of the dismal political election situation. My depression will only lift by smoking a ton of 420 and then having intense great orgasms. Who will be my Prince Charming who will arrive with bouquets of weed and a large talented penis to fuck me with

Let’s Make Craigslist Great Again – w4m
Or at least decent. Look what a terrible job we did with our current election. Tomorrow scares me! Hold me! I’ve been on a bunch of dates on this site & there are actually some good people here. Like me.

Edging fun with an older woman on election night – m4w
I’m looking to celebrate the end of this election with someone this evening. Specifically, I would like to be edged until the election is officially called, at which point I would be allowed to release. I’ve been stressed out and have had a run of bad luck recently, so it would be nice to blow off some steam.

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