It’s the one sexual position that’s, for the most part, the forbidden fruit: anal. And, while your girl might have some preconceived notions about having you slip it into the back door, we’re here to give you some straight-up facts that will relieve her fears, make it easier to ask for anal sex and slide in — nice and slow, of course.

Although it’s not every guy’s dream, most men will admit that there’s just something about “back door entry” that intrigues them when it comes to their partner. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s such an unknown animal, or that it’s saved for special occasions, if at all? Needless to say, most guys want to try it with their significant other, but can have a tough time asking girls to even consider it.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help in that department, giving a few tips that could lead to her agreeing to it and, surprise, actually enjoying it. It takes patience, practice and communication, but here are the ways to talk with your and ask for anal sex.

Be Patient

There are dudes out there who have no idea how to treat a woman when it comes to anything involving sex, deciding that being a sleaze who “hits and quits” is the way to go. If this is you, you’re most likely not sticking it up the behind on any woman — unless she’s really into it (unlikely).

You’re going to have to set the mood and talk it out before just sticking anything up there, so remember to avoid just going after it while the two of you are fooling around in a dark bedroom.

Be Safe

Many think that just because the ass isn’t the vagina that there’s no risk involved in sliding up there. Umm, those people are stupid, so don’t be that type of guy.

If you picked up a damn book or punched it into a Google search, you’d find that anal sex is actually more dangerous than vaginal sex — for a number of reasons.

Give her the details, wear a condom, use lube and go in slowly. Once you get your pecker up there a little bit, listen to what she wants you to do so not to do serious harm to her rear end.

It’s Not Painful

Sure, we’re guessing that you’ve never taken it up there before, so when your lady challenges your claim that it won’t hurt, just how can you prove her wrong?

Although she’s probably heard horror stories from her friends who have tried it, most women actually find it pleasurable because there are so many nerves around that area, leaving them happy and more than pleased.

As long as you go gentle and don’t try and be a porn star who tries to literally rip her a new one, there’s a good chance that she likes it more than she thinks.

No Funny Business

To give it to you straight, some girls will simply say no because they find it to be absolutely disgusting. That’s their prerogative, but you can still try to persuade them otherwise.

Unlike vaginal sex, anal sex isn’t just something that should be done on the street or in the back of a car. Ease her mind by showering together to clean things up a bit, so she’s not embarrassed with anything that might be left over up there — if you catch our drift — and remind her that this is something you want to experience together, not just an everyday thing. Being candid with her is the only way she’ll even consider anal sex.

It’s Not For Bad Girls

One of the general perceptions about anal sex is that only raunchy girls would even consider doing it. But, in our experiences, it’s actually been the women who don’t pass judgement and are into having fun and enjoyable sex.

Don’t get too personal on who is and isn’t a “good” or “bad” girl, but if you follow the aforementioned first four steps, you’ll be better at talking your significant other about anal sex because she’ll see it may not be so dirty after all — just don’t be the idiot who brings up the other women you’ve done it with before her.