Isla Nublar, the site of the ill-fated Jurassic World theme park, is about to suffer a cataclysmic eruption. Moves are afoot to save the dinosaurs from re-extinction. But Owen (recruited by Claire, both from the previous film) are dismayed to find that big business is motivated by cash, not altruism.

This is a film of two halves. The first half has an exciting climax as Isla Nublar blows sky high – will our heroes escape? The second half involves cat-and-mouse action between our heroes, the dinosaurs, and the baddies, in a stately home.

Great visuals

Both halves are exciting and entertaining, but they are quite different to each other. They lead to the film not feeling that it is paced quite right. The dinosaurs are, as usual, perfectly realised. It appeared to me that there may have been a greater proportion of animatronics vs CGI than usual, but it doesn’t matter: the reptiles are always convincing.

The corrupt big business plot is a bit tired this time around – business vs dinosaurs has been a constant in the Jurassic Park films – but it serves its purpose.

But did you really expect me to believe this?

Where I felt this movie did fall down was that it had many moments which I found difficult to believe in. In particular, I understand that it’s pretty difficult to outrun a pyroclastic flow, yet Chris Pratt manages it.

This is the tip of the iceberg in an escape which is fantastic eye candy, but the most implausible sequence since the caravan over the cliff in Jurassic Park 2.

Jeff collects a cheque

Jeff Goldblum reprises Ian Malcolm in cameos which top and tail the film. He raises moral questions which are interesting. But they are never pursued, and they only apply to the hypothetical – and fictional – situation in the movie anyway. He might as well not have bothered.

In short, notwithstanding a lot of action, some great visuals, and some undeniable excitement, this falls well short of the credibility which most of the previous films have achieved.

Dinos vs big business!
Great visualsChris PrattHooray for Blue!
Biggest helping yet of StupidJeff Goldblum cameos, not stars
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