There’s a good chance many of us have never taken part in a swingers party before — and an even better chance we never will. But just because we may never be in a room where a bunch of people are banging it out with each other’s girlfriends, boyfriends, wives or husbands doesn’t mean we all haven’t at least wondered just what happens at swingers parties.

Lucky for us, people really enjoy talking about themselves — or, in this case, their sexual experiences — so a story in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “You Can’t Ask That” examined all the craziness that occurs during swingers parties. Now, the hope was to, of course, set the story straight a bit about some of the taboo thoughts people have about swingers parties, hoping to squash common misconceptions.

A New York Post article, which references the “You Can’t Ask That” feature, mentions how a popular myth about swingers parties is that, at swingers parties, partners get chosen by everyone putting their car keys in a bowl. Whoever’s keys you pick out is then your partner for the night. That’s not necessarily the case, according to participants.

“I would much rather have sex with a couple that we have talked with over drinks for an hour than be forced into a bedroom with another person,” Sally from Melbourne said.

Megan, a single woman who is involved in the Brisbane swinger scene, said: “That would terrify me because you don’t really have a choice about who you’re going home with or who you’re hooking up with.”

The New York Post piece mentions how Megan, the subject interviewed above, is considered a “unicorn” in the swingers community because she’s a single, so many couples like including her during sex. Megan also mentioned how, what happens at swingers parties, isn’t just for fat, sleazy guys, but girls or couples who want to try something new and different.

“The thing is that can be true sometimes because all types of people like to swing,” Megan said. “(It’s) people wanting to explore their sexuality with each other in a couple situation.”

While interviewees answering a variety of different questions — from things like “What are the best sex tips you have learned?” and “What is it like to lose your swinging virginity?” — the biggest one might be what it’s like to see your partner have sex with someone else, which, in some cases, is a total stranger. The response? A swinger named Jess helped answer the question, giving as open a response as possible.

“I’m not going to say I don’t get jealous, especially in the early days … because, you know, I compared myself to that girl and I was like, ‘How did she do that?’” she said.

“(But) I think just being able to communicate that with Lawrence has taught me … I don’t have to be jealous. I can just appreciate and love him and love her for what they’re doing. And do it better sometimes.”

What happens at swingers parties has long been something millions of people think about, but never experience for themselves, so a piece like this is always interesting to see what typically happens. More so, it’s good for those people who might scoff at the idea or judge from a distance to at least hear some truths to misconceptions — even if they still oppose the idea.

The swingers lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it’s pretty interesting to see how these couples who do partake in it describe the experience. As we all know, plenty of people have different sexual fetishes or tendencies, and, while one that includes multiple people having sex with your partner may sound strange on the surface, some people are OK with it.

To see more of the story, head on over to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s website.

(H/T BroBible, NY Post)